May 8, 2015

The story of the night was Manny's over coming MSCCC in a blow out of sorts, 6-0. Eric Campbell led the team with 2 goals and an assist. The real story was Dave MacDonald in net. The keeper of the crease kept MSCCC off the score sheet, in his first ever shutout. Gary O had a meltdown of sorts and was ejected from the game. Apparently his frustration got the better of him. it was very "undude" Like. 

Early on in the night, the 2 Law firms went at each other with the 2 Schiavone brothers trying to one up each other and both were outstanding in net. Dillon Rabitore would get 2 goals and Paul Praderio would get 2 assists to lead Vescera in scoring. At the other firm, it would be Joe Martin with 2 goals and Rich Lisi getting a look at forward scoring his first of the season and getting an assist. 

In the late game, 401 Consultants and Final Touch went at it. Michael "Junior" Dussault vs. Michael "Griswald" Baro were the story of the game. Keeping each other off the board time and again. Although, Junior had a little help from his teammate as Bobby "Goggles" Jordan, mounted his goalie in what looked like some crazy swingers night. Although it was a bit unorthodox as a defensive move, it was effective. After the game, both felt a little closer to each other. Another tie in the night 2-2. 

Another fun night at the rink. As the days are getting warmer we need to start thinking about Can Jam, Corn hole and Grilling some meat on a flame.