Many Story lines

January 19, 2018

Lets start at the beginning of the night.

Let's talk about Manny's. After the Draft, Manny's capt. Derek Signoriiello was happy with his team. They started the season with 2 ties. Then they seemed to get their legs underneath them with 2 wins. Then they lost their next 3 of 4 and some started saying, Manny's looks great on paper, ice is not paper... Since their last loss they are on a 7 game winning streak going back to Thanksgiving. In this one Manny's would start off behind the 8 ball with 2-1 deficit to Manvile Palace Pizza. Mike Thomas would get the lone goal for the gold in the first from Mike Stayer. They Started the second 2-1 in favor of Black, with Dan Dussault and Tommy Gaboriault scoring. Mike Bragan, Steve Owens, Mark Kosinski and Scott Hawes all chipping in to get the Black going. A quick start to the second for Manny's would break it in where Steven Albertelli would battle the puck out of the corner and pop in the tying goal from Shannon Calvary. Calvary would get the game winner as she would be sweeping the doorstep and cleaning up the muck. I nice pass out to her from Albertelli and that would be enough for the gold and blue. Albertelli would end up with 4 goals and 2 assists to lead his team to the victory. Also, lets not forget the return of Mark Clarkin in between the pipes and holding black to 2 goals.

Story number 2 and maybe the best story of the night. There was a Yeti sighting last night? Or was it a Sasquatch? It was not pretty, so it wasn't a Unicorn. No folks, it was Mike Dussualt skating in the right wing position. It was a little sloppy at first, but once he got his legs under him, the rest of the D ranked players were happy to say, well at least I skate better than that. This was a battle folks. Votta thought they would be without Lisi who wasn't at the rink. So they filled him in with Mark Kosinski. Lisi would finally show but not until Kosinski put the Purple express ahead 2-1 early. Roman Law would not be daunted by the shenanaghans. They would grab the next 2 goals, Greg Landry would tie it and Timmy Sheehan would get the go ahead, both assisted by yours truly, but the real work was done by Shawn Smith.  Early in the third Votta would tie it up with Brandon Bell scoring from the work of Andy Meegan. A minute and half later, Jarred Martin would get his goal after one earlier was taken away by a distinct kicking motion, set up by, you guessed it, Shawn Smith. The Red was in the catbirds seat with only seconds to go. Ricky Votta would get the sister to the prom goal with just 2.5 seconds in the game. Votta put a shot on from the goaline corner and squeaked it past Danny Albertelli and the air came out of the Roman Law. By the way, late in the 3rd, Lisi would break his skate blade. So, Showtime came in on for another sub change. i was told there is no rule. It would have to go to the league, and the league was on the bench. APPROVED.

In the late game, Billy Vescera would get on the scoresheet. Not sure he wanted to and not sure he ever has before in this manner. Yep Billy found the inside of the penalty box with a tripping call. In this one the other story, Dan Clare with a hat trick and 3 assist for 6 total points. He was a beast. This was a rout on the white. Mike Baro grabbed himself the shutout. Baro was tested often, especially with 2 breakaways from Shane mcshane McCormick. I was also able to play in this one as well and saw a very well balanced team in Final Touch. Richie Dias, you missed an outpouring of goals. Sean Forant would get a goal and 3 assists as well.

Great night of hockey everyone.

Next week some of us are going to Vermont to play in the Frostbite Face Off pond hockey tournament. Hope you all have fun.

Please make sure you pay up. Don't make Gallagher come after you.

Live, Breathe, Love.....................Hockey

For those of you who missed it, here is Junior's Debut on Right wing