Mr. Narwhal the Unicorn of The Sea

December 3, 2022

Lets get into this.

Manville Pizza and Green Goddess started the day. Manville got off to a heck of a start, getting 2 in the first. And extended the lead in the second. Green Goddess finally kicked it into gear cutting the lead down to 1. A late goal in the 2nd Manville Pizza maintained the ahead by 1 goal. In The third, it was a blood bath. Both teams getting 5 in the third. Green Goddess was down 4 goals and with just minutes to go and made this a nail biter. One of the guys from Sunday who shall remain nameless, got a goal to start the fire. Goddess just couldn't get over on Mike Dussault. The Steve Lombardi got the brunt of the goals for Goddess with Ray Iannuccillo, Rich Dias and less we forget the slow pinball that went in for Eric Robichaud. It wouldn't be enough. On Manville Pizza, Mark Kosinski had 4 goals which if we were bowling would be called a 4 bagger or a hambone. Keith Kraunelis had a goal and 4 assists. Rick Mercuri also had 3 helpers. Lot of scoring. Still have no idea on some numbers for Manville. Like Brian Roman and Joe Martin. Anyway, Manville Pizza would win in a barn burner 9-8.

Here we go game 2 with a much better score. Yep, I said it. Quick Dam, minus their fearless leader, SHAWN SMITH WHERE ARE YOU!!, Vs. Votta Properties. Quick Dam quickly got on the score sheet with a goal by Kreg Labelle set up by Derek Antunes. Votta Properties matched the score later in the period. The Captain and a handsome devil i must say, Ricky Votta would get his team on the board. He was set up by Andy Morrison on his return. In the second, Votta's hero Brandon Bell would start the second from Al Whitton. Was it all Bell or more Whitton? Hmm. Guess what Kreg didn't wait long to even the score for QD. In the third, Labelle would start the scoring to make it 3-2, from Antunes, getting the Hat Trick. Guess who got a second goal for Votta, yep, Brandon Bell. Not a fluke apparently. No whats funny Neil Foley was the hero for Quick Dam. You might think the guy who scored 4 goals would be the hero, but nope Neil Foley would get the game winner. Kreg would get the hambone. Yep that's the new thing when you score 4. Quick Dam would win 5-3.

The final game was Glen Marshall versus Final Touch. I mean Edge Doctor Versus Final Touch. Glen did get a breakaway shorty in the first. That set the tone. Final Touch would tie up it with one from Neil Yee. Late in the First, Glen would get the reach around, I mean the wrap around. Which would be the game winner. Steve Owens would get to pump his fist late in the game to secure the win. Edge wins 3-1.

Big things going on tonight. Oriental Pearl hosts Loose Screws tonight. Front man Richie Dias, who has the voice of an Angel, will be performing. If you don't want to do that, Mike and I are going to see Say Hello II Heaven at Nortons Tavern on The Hill. Chris Cornell Tribute band. The world famous Wicked Rhode's Bass Player is in the band.

In any case, hope everyone has a great week. Hi Frank and Aimee and Boo. Boo what happened to you last night? I hope you are ok. See you all soon.

Live, Breathe, LOVE......................................HOCKEY!!!!!