New Feature: Automatic Calendar Download

April 28, 2017

We're excited to announce a new feature that was added to the website this week - automatic calendar downloads!

If you navigate to the Schedule page you'll notice there's a drop-down field where you can select a specific team. Select your team and hit "Update" and you'll see the page refresh to show just that team's schedule for the remainder of the season. At that point you can hit "Download Schedule" to pull down an .ICS file -- the internet standard calendar format supported by Apple, Microsoft and Google that pretty much covers 99.99% of the market.

If you do it on your phone, such as an iPhone, it automatically opens and gives you an option to "add all" then just click "Done." BAM! Your entire schedule will be added to your calendar!

NOTE: If you do not select your specific team and just hit "Download Schedule" you will get events added for EVERY GAME (i.e. all 3 games, every Friday). That's an option if you really want all that info in your calendar, but most people will just want their own team. However, both options are available.