Next Thursday Is Thanksgiving!! That is all!

November 18, 2023

How the ever living 'uck is it 60 out right now? I was sent a screen shot. The climate change is real. It is not because of carbon emissions flatulent cows or depleting ozone. Getting an EV car will not stop this, it is Theresa Morrison and Julie Avelar with early decorating of Christmas and singing Christmas songs in fucking October. Now I am not mad at them. I am just disappointed. I do like playing can jam in the November, if there is a plus side to all this. However, it will probably snow in April or May. What the hell ladies. You are tilting Gods will.

Ok, now on to the hockey. Votta crushed Vescera Law. Vescera was coming off a 10-5 win last week, only to get curb stomped this week by Votta Properties. Oh, hockey you are a fickle bitch. Sammy Woodward had a couple, Kreg Labelle with a couple and Al Whitton with a couple to really round out the scoring. 8-0 Votta over Vescera.

Middle game was a little more competitive. Green Goddess got a first shift goal to set the tone by Mike Thomas. Edge Doctor would tie it up midway through the period, Ben Mello filling the five hole. (Sounds dirty). 3 goals in the second for Goddess put Edge on the edge. Steve Owens, 2 not 2-2 got one with Thomas on a second one and Jarred Martin made it 4-1 Goddess. From my perspective that sucked. In the third Edge Doctor started clawing back. Andy Morrison with a beauty to cut the lead in half. Scott Reilly extended back the lead to 3 with a goal midway through. Glen Marshall would give the Edge some hope. It would not be enough. Reilly would get a 2 on one with Shannon Reilly, but selfishly took the shot versus letting his daughter give it a whirl. How does he sleep at night. One more for the Doctor by Adam Babikian, but it would not be enough as Goddess would hold on to win 6-4.

The Late one, Manville Pizza is a juggernaut in the scoring department. Jeez. 9 Goals in this one. it was 4-2 in the first. And Mark Kosinski already had 2. Ryan Degnan with the other one. On the QD side Shawn Smith with a goal and Neil Yee with a goal. In The second Ryan had another one and White gloves got his Hatty. What a tandem. In the third the action heated up Ryan would get his hatty. The next drop of the puck Neil Yee would get a second goal to make it close. Mark Kosinski would get 2 more though for 5 goals in total for him. Niel Yee would get a hatty for the Dam and Shawn Smith would finish out the scoring. 9-5 Manville.

Did I set the tone in this article? Did you feel like you were there? I don't care. Ha!! I hate critics. So, stick in your bum if you don't like.

Anyway, I do hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving. If you do not, or are unable to see your family, reach out to them. Even if there are differences and arguments, you are still family.

Love you all! see you next Friday!

Live, Breathe, Love.....................................................HOCKEY!!!!!!