Nice Night for Hockey!

July 24, 2015

North Smithfield, RI- The first 2 games of the night had a total of 25 goals. Mr. D ran out of ink and the scoreboard started blinking. 

In the first game it was 401 Consultants bringing it on and scoring 9 goals against Vescera Law. Dan Claire and Kevin Tondreau led the team with 2 goals each, Claire would also figure into 2 other goals as well with assists. The score was tied after the first period in this tight match up. After the second 401 pulled away by a goal, making it 6-5. It would be the 3rd period where the wheels fell off on Vescera Law. giving back 3 more to 401 Consultants who ultimately pull out the win 9-6.

In the second frame of the night the upstart MSCCC, firmly sitting in second place, is starting to show some chinks in the armor. After last weeks tie, MSCCC was looking to get a big win. Unfortunately they ran into the hot Manville Pizza. The Pizza was delivering goals with its driver Rich Dias. Dias had himself a great night. He would get a hat trick, scoring the first 2 goals with the help of Shannon Caverly, who had 3 assists herself. Jodi Pochamski would leap frog Eric Campbell and is now the league leader in stats with 2 goals on the night.  Manville Pizza is on the rise and is now tied in points with Roman Law and Final touch.

Speaking of Final Touch and Roman Law, Final Touch had 7 subs coming into this night. Showtime sent a lot of guns, unfortunately no bullets. On the Roman Law side, Ricky Vota was tardy to the rink and was still getting ready at the drop of the puck. Like superman, Vota would get on the ice to a face off in the offensive zone, seconds later, Vota would score. It was back and forth as Final Touch would score on the ensuing shift. Later in the game, the score was tied with under a minute to go. Peter Meegan would take the puck and finished going waffle side, putting Roman Law in a 3 way tie with a game in hand, with Final Touch and Manville Pizza.

A great night had by all. By the way, a Yeti or Big foot was seen last night at the rink after closing. 

It was a scary site. I got a blurry picture and I am debating whether to send it to the authorities. And putting it on this article.

Just 4 more weeks of summer hockey and then we are in the playoffs. Subs need not apply!

Live, Breathe, Love....... Hockey