OWWWIEE and other fun stuff

January 9, 2021

What do you do when you have no refs and no scoreboard, you scrimmage. Wink

In the first match up, back from covid pause and Holidays, here we go. Votta Properties got over on Final Touch early. The touch made it a game with several opportunities. Kreg LaBelle made the most of his opportunities matching Final Touch's final score by himself for Votta. He got 4. Shane McCormick got one and supposedly Owen Foley got one but I dont know his number. On the Final touch side Steven Albertelli was the moose and got 3, with Jay Cawley getting the other. It was a great battle, with a messy beginning.  Votta wins 7-4

Thank you Derek Signoriello for stepping in to Ref. Thank you also goes out to Peter Meegan for putting his coins down and helping out last minute.

In Game 2 the Evil Empire, sans Mike Dussault Junior, was bested by the sneaky good team of Green Goddess. Unlike the first game, Green Goddess spread the scoring out among 6 different players. Of the actual non subs, Mike Riendeau, Jimmy Meegan, Rick Vasconcelos, Andy Morrison and Larry Lefebvre. And then whoever was wearing #2 jersey. On the Manvillie Pizza side, The Captians team, Dan Dussault led the charge with some extras getting the other 2. Unless number 8 is someone, but I don't know. In any case, the team was riddled with injuries. One, White Gloves hurt himself on the dismount. Apparently on top was difficult. During the game we were all upset to see Derek Signoriello get his collar bone snapped. He will be missed for his team. Heal quickly my friend.  In the end Green Goddess wins 6-3

For you folks who leave and go home. I know its cold. But you missed some Great Kan Jam action late. 28 degrees ppfff. Ralphie and Richie bested Yours Truly and Rick Vasconcelos 3 games to 1.

See you all next week.

Live, Breathe, LOVE.............................................HOCKEY!!!!