August 3, 2018

The Matty Chronicles

North Smithfield- Friday Night hockey is alive and well.

Roman Law gets over on Manny's. Andy Morrison proves the sensation of his legacy with a hat trick and 3 assists. Roman Law jumped out to a 4-1 lead in the first. Morrison would start the scoring in the first minute by passing to Ken Beck who put the puck home. The second goal in Andy's next shift would be again dished off for Captain Shawn Smith. Finally Morrison would get rewarded with a goal of his own, set up by Bill Bilbikian and Shawn Smith. Off and running at 3-0, red was in the drivers seat. Manny's would not give up that easy. Brian Pendergast would start the scoring late in the first from Gary Ouilette. And then it was the Tommy G show. Gaboriault would get 2 goals in the next period. The first was from Mark Ferreira and Chip Saravo. His second was set up by Gary O. At this point Manny's is down only 5-4 before Shawn Smith would pop in number six for the red. Niel Foley would pop one in himself. In the third, Roman would put it into gear and drive off with the win. Roman Law 10 Manny's 6.

In the middle game, Robby Edleman would don the goalie gear for his turn in net. And Votta would start the scoring and yes Ricky Votta that is for Votta. He was set up by Ralpie MY BOOO Pat Smith mutha fucka Espilat and Eric Campbell. But Manville would not worry and grab the next 4 goals started by Mike Thomas. Thomas would be set up by Danny Dussault. Glen Medeiros would get the next one, grabbing the garbage from Thomas and Larry Lefabvre. Capt. Dan would get the next one. and then Thomas would cap the scoring in the first. In the second the Properties would tie up the game with Ricky scoring his second. Later Sean Forrant would pop one in from Craig Pizzo. Late in the second Manville would pull ahead again with a goal from Larry Lefabvre. Larry would get the game winner in the third. Manville Pizza 7 Votta Properties 5.

In the final game, Final Touch would face Vescera Law. The Touch would start strong. Ricky Vasconcelos would pop the first goal in with Ray Iannuccillo and Peter Meegan. Next Ray, My Man Ray, would score from Ricky V and Shane McCormick. At the end of the first Shane would get one from Ray and the Touch were pretty comfortable. Vescera would not give up. At the start of the second, the 1040 kid would grab the opportunity to start the scoring for the white on a breakaway. Later in the period, Ray would get number 2 from yours truly and McCormick. And just when you thought it was over, Dan Claire would get a grip on one and bent the back bar with a helluva goal. And Right when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, the cop, Greg Landry would make it even more interesting by getting a goal late in the third. It would not be enough as Final Touch holds on. Final Touch 4 Vescera Law 3. Great game.

Oh My! It is time to unball your Quadish and get your shit together. Playoffs are looming. Who is ready? What team will be healthy and ready to go? Who will hoist the coveted NRIAHL CUP? These questions and more will be answered in just a few weeks. Stay tuned Bat fans. Same Bat time, Same Bat channel.

Have a great week everyone. Be nice to one another. You never know, it may pay off.

Live, Breathe, LOVE....................Hockey!!!!