Roman Empire, Mannys and Votta prevail

September 27, 2019

Manny's and Manville opened this weeks action. Jimmy Meegan stuffed the first one home from Brian Pendergast. Manville Pizza came roaring back with the cop, Greg Landry putting the puck in the net on a rebound out to the right. No one else got credit? At the start of the second Manny's Captain took over and put the puck in the net from Shooter Marc Dionne. Dillon Rapatore, subbing in, got a great shot off and put the puck top corn to equal the score. Pendergast broke the tie midway through for Manny's from Tommy Gaboriault and Jimmy Meegan. Mannys got another one quick from Forecheck Foley. Neil taking over the league apparently. The next two were Manville Pizza coming roaring back. One to finish the second from Kreg Labelle. The second to start the third from Darth Danny Dussault. Manville takes the lead to the dismay of the Manny's Bench. The evil empire would not be done. Another goal minutes later would put Manville up for the first time all game. It was looking bleak for Manny's, but then, Shooter grabbed an errant pass and put the puck home. In the same shift Shooter strikes again. The pizza would rise again and pop in the tie from Steve Owens. Manville was all over the Hockey shop. A minute later, Forecheck, Sheldon, Foley would get an errant pass off the ref, and put it right on Pendergasts tape for the game winner. And the Emperor was unhappy with his Storm Troopers, but their aim was on par. Manny's eeks out the win 7-6

Roman Law stomped all over Vescera law, like they were invading Britania. In the first, Roman steadily put pucks in the net, 2 minutes in Shane set up whomever wore 2. Tim Sheehan would get the next one at the 6 minute or so mark. Shane McCormick added to his climb to the top of the standings with one at the 8 minute mark. Sean Coffey would pop in the next one at the 10 minute mark. Shawn Smith would finish the first with a goal of his own leaving 2 seconds on the clock. This is just how the whole game went. Next it would be the second and Eric Rondeau would not arrest the scoring. Shawn would get another one. Finally Vescera Law would crack the egg by Jay Arruda. The scoring would subside for awhile 57 seconds to be exact and It would be McCormick getting another. Vescera would get another in the third from Scott Reilly, Mr. Never Quit himself. But alas McCormick would get another and Craig Pizzo would lay the hammer down, to finish it off. 10-2 Roman Law

In the final stanza, Votta Properties and Final Touch went after it. Votta popped it in off the face off, literally 8 seconds in to the game. Votta was rolling in the first because of Kevin Webster getting that one and the next. And then finished the first 3-0. Final Touch would win the second period scoring all three goals. Mark Kosinski got 2 out of three. And My Man Chris Bach would finish the scoring in the second for the Touch. The tie would not last as Votta's very own Sean Forrant would get the game winner, Kevin Webster would get the helper. Two more in the end for Votta would put the exclamation point. Ralphie, my boo would get the final goal in this weeks action. 6-3 Votta Properties

Wow a lot of points and a lot of Foley. What the hell. There are other players than just him. Sorry Neil, but what the hell.

In other news, Bruins season starts next week WOOT WOOT.

By the way, someone reminded me of Benny Hill and how the theme song can be a lot like hockey. But here are some quickies.

Live, Breathe, Love..........................Hockey!!!