Roman Gets in the Win Column along with MSCCC

September 25, 2015

Welcome back Mark Ferreira from your weary travels. The Prodical son returns. Ferreira would pull out all four goals for the gray. In his debut at forward, Craig Pizzo gets the assist from the corner to give Ferreira the game winner late in the third. Vescera Law led by Ricky Vota with a goal and assist were in this one til the end, but Ferreira and his MSCCC teammates would prevail.

In the middle game of the night, Manny's Hockey Shop and 401 Consultants were locked in a tie 1-1 from middle of the first til early in the third. In the first Brian Beck would storm the zone and put in a phenomenal back hander. The gold came right back with Paul Praderio getting his first of the season. Early in the third, Nick Miranda would get over on the Consultants set up by the crisp passing by Shannon Caverly and Derek Signoriello. In the final minute 401 would pull Jay Pires for the extra man. With a scramble off the face off and just 2.1 seconds left, Beck would get his second of the game and tie it up.

In the final game, the thrilla in vanilla, it was Roman Law with newly elected captain Shawn Smith, would be down 4-1 until the mid second period. Roman would then pull their skate ties tight and begin the comeback. By the end of the second it was still Final Touches game to lose, up 5-4 heading in to the third. Steve Owens would lead the Law with 3 assists to this point. Final Touch's new captain, Peter Meegan would get the sombrero but in the end it wouldn't be enough. A duped Glen Medeiros would be fooled by whispers in his ears by his so called friend. "tappy-tappy" as the puck arrived in the back of the net from Rich Dias. "Glen, just stay with me" and then "Bye Glen I am over here." Meep Meep.

In next weeks action, Manny's will face the upstart Roman Law in early action. Followed immediately after by 401 Consultants getting a dose of Final Touch. Later, on the west coast feed, Manville Pizza is back from a weeks rest to continue their "defend the cup" tour and face Vescera Law.

LIVE, BREATHE, LOVE...........................FRIDAY NIGHT HOCKEY.

For those of you with no liquid refreshment in their locker room, Please take note: Win, Lose Or Tie, Manny's room is Never Dry!

Count them 1,1 cooler ah ah ah, 2, 2 coolers ah ah ah 3, 3 coolers ah ah ah 4 yes 4 Beer Coolers AH AH AH!