SFSMF - Sig taking over the shopning - Old fleese

December 8, 2017

Final Touch came out strong from the get go. Former captain, Peter Meegan, got the goals going like a machine. Down the center of the slot hard as bull, and then tucked in soft as a bunny. In true and classic Show fashion, Gary 'Showtime' Myers, would get the tie for the Vescera Law and then pulled the one legged straddle and pointed to the sealing. (something vulgar said, but this reporter has scruples) and on comes Final Touch again, Meegan would pop in the next goal as well for Navy and yellow. Number 17 would swing the gate for the fake wrap around and hit the back of Mac for the ricochet. later in the period, Vescera would do it again and pop in the next one, of course, Showtime would be a part of it as well. Then came the beginning of the third and you guest it, THE SHOW WAS ON! 16 seconds into the second, show would put his team ahead once again. He was unstoppable, until FT stopped him. O próximo objetivo seria marcado pela conexão portuguesa dos irmãos Ferreira. Mark sendo o destinatário do passe do irmão Mikes. Mark terminaria bem. Translation: The next goal would be scored by the portuguese connection of the brothers Ferreira. Mark being the recipient of his brother Mikes pass. Mark would finish nicely. Later, Dan Clare would get a nice goal set up by Richie Dias. Richie would get a goal of his own. And then In this case it was SFSMF, yes Sean Forrant Sick Mo-Fo (as described by Pete), would get into the game with final 2 goals, yes he had the final touch. Touch Wins 8-3. They are beginning to look relevant again.

Mano y mano. Manny's versus Manville Palace Pizza. Manny's would get this one going first. Mike Thomas would bury the pass from Mike Strayer. Pizza would come roaring back with Tim Pincine taking up the torch and bend the twine set up by Tommy Gaboriault. Tommy G, would get the favor returned by Timmy with a beautiful goal of his own. The Pizza was hot and fresh and delivering from everywhere (MPP is so easy to right about). Scott Hawes would get the next goal, that kid is alright, he was set up by Craig Pizzo. It wouldn't last. The second would open and Shannon Calvary would pop in the tying goal set up by the master, Slayer and Thomas. This line was magical. Strayer would get the goal and Thomas would set him up this time. Late in the second Manville would tie it up again. Gaboriault would be set again by Pincine and Hawes. On comes Captain Derek Signoriello.with the tie breaker and the eventual game winner, set up nicely by Bill Babikian. Stephen Albertelli would put one in the net, broken finger an all and stretch the lead, Signoriello would set him up. And as the game started the game finished Stayer would score the final goal with Shannon setting him up. This one blew out the candle on the Birthday Party. Manny's wins 7-4.

In the late game a special guest joined the vestibule with Mr. D.. Chase Lebelle, the next generation of great LeBelle hockey players was in the house. It turns out dad Kevin and uncle Kreg were pitted against each other in the late game. When asked which team Chase was rooting for, he said with shrugged shoulders "I don't know, I just want to watch them have a good game". That kid is a class act. Well, his dad and uncle and their respective teams, delivered his wish. It was a great game. The game was back and forth as the goaltending was pristine with Jay Pires on the Votta Properties side and Dan Albertelli on the Roman :Law side. Votta would strike first, with a tap in on the wide side by Jay Arruda from Brandon Bell. They would skate the rest of the period with no goals and apparently, if the teams hit the net, there would be more goals. Roman Law would open the second with Uncle Kreg scoring from Tim Sheehan finally getting the red on the board. Later in the period, the Law would get the lead with Ray Iannuccillo getting the go ahead. This score would last for quite sometime. In the third, Ray would strike again. This one was a filthy, filthy theft and score as Ray would pop the puck past the D and burn the goalie with a hard shot that would get through. Greg Landry would punctuate the game with the fourth goal, this one set up by Uncle Kreg. Yet, as time was expiring, Kevin would impress his boy with hard work in front of the net, getting Ricky Votta's pass from the corner and popped top shelf to get Chase his Christmas wish come true. Roman Law's win puts them in forth place with 12 points, the league lead is a cluster at the top with 3 teams all tied up with 14 points.

Great night of hockey again boys and girl. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Live, Breathe, Love..............HOCKEY!!!!