June 19, 2015

First things first, advice: Bring your gear, always, even if you are not playing! 

Final Touch and Manny's Hockey Shop went at it for the top spot in the standings. Like two heavy weight prize fighters in the ring, both teams sized each other up. It would be Manny's striking first halfway through the first period. A few minutes clicked down and Final Touch popped in the tie to end the period. Manny's would go ahead in the midpoint of the game with Mike Strayer putting his team ahead. Stayer would be the most productive player on Manny's, with 2 goals and an assist. Final Touch would take care of business and get 4 goals in the 3rd. Mark Ferreira would be his teams best buddy with 3 assists. Final Touch would would be the final touch on Manny's and jump into the drivers seat. Final score, Final Touch 5, Manny's 4.

Vescera Law would start off on a bad foot, down 2 players, Bill was scrambling. In the end he got his team on the ice to face, the up and coming and prolific, Mineral Spring Car Care Center hockey team. Steve Manning proved to be too much for Vescera Law. Manning would end up with a Hat Trick and an assist. Scott Hawes would also be a hero with 2 goals of his own. The rest of the scoring was spread around. Vescera had some solid substitutes for the missing comrades, but it would not be enough. MSCCC would continue its dominate ride up the ladder with a 7-4 victory

In the final game of the night Manville Pizza and 401 Consultants would go at it. This one ended up being really close. In the first it was back and forth action, with each team exchanging goals. Dan Dussault would feed his team mate to start the scoring in the second shift of the game. The Consultants came right back with Kevin Tondreau popping in the breakaway. At the end of the first, it would be 3-2 Manville. At the drop of the puck in the second, 401 jumped right back and put the puck in at the 25th second. Bobby Jordan would jump up from his Defensive position to get the goal. 401's top performer would also be the 3rd in total scoring in the league. Jay Cinq-Mars scored not one but 2 goals, the last one while his goalie was pulled. However, it wasn't enough due to the second leading scorer in the league. Jody Pachomski would get 2 goals and an assist to lead his team with the game winner and the final dagger. Manville would prevail with a 6-5 win. Dan Dussault has his team on the move winning 3 out of the last 4. 

What a great night of hockey with 3 close games. 

Special thanks goes out to Derek Signoriello and Iggy Gozman for the impromptu alfresco dining. 

See you all at the rink. 

Live, Breathe, LOVE.........................HOCKEY!!!!