Sloppy Seconds

September 21, 2018

Sept. 21 2018- North Smithfield - RI Sports Center

In game one Manny's came out strong with 3 goals in the first period. Captain Derek Signoriello started them off in his first shift. Got a pass from Anthony Lisi right out in front.  Two minutes ticked off the clock, with Steve Owens streaking into the zone, setting up Mike Thomas. Thomas would ring the cross bar and yours truly would clean up the garbage and get the game winner. YEP ME hahahaha again, its like Christmas every Friday for me.  "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus". Later in the period, Steve Owens tenacity would be rewarded with a shorty. The second period belonged to Roman Law. Mike Baro came up big thwarting the on rush of red. In the third, Jimmy Meegan would break the egg for the Law from the on rush of Timmy Sheehan. Unfortunately, for Roman Law, it would not be enough. Owens would score again from Signoriello and Lisi to finish 4-1. Manny's.

Here we go Votta Properties. My god what a difference a season makes. Votta Properties, led by Steven Albertelli. Steven came out strong with 2 goals and an assist in the first. Paul Bergeron would get the third goal, set up by Albertelli. Albertelli's second was set up by Jimmy "Mr. President" Gallagher. Green Goddess would come out strong in the second getting 2 back with consecutive goals in consecutive shifts. Tommy Gaboriault would get the scoring started for the green. He would be set up by Greg Landry and Craig Pizzo. The next shift, would see Brian Pendergast bending the twine from Eric Robichaud. Votta would get back to work with goals by Andy Morrison, Rick Vasconcelos and Ricky Votta. The wheels really came off for Green Goddess with Albertelli getting 2 more along with Adam Babickian getting a pair as well. Votta wins big 10-3.

In the third game Final Touch would make their debut facing off against Vescera Law. Jay Arruda would not wish them a warm welcome, opening up the scoring. The second would also belong to the White with a goal and assist by Mike Bonin. Not sure how that works, but that is what the score sheet said. Rob Edleman would get a beauty from Paul Praderio and here we go, Vescera is up 3-0. Final Touch would finally break the bubble for the season and score in the first shift of the third. Number 3 for the FT or is "Efty-Efty-EFTY"... Rick Mercuri would be the hero from Kenny Beck. Unfortunately, they could not find the back of the net again. Brandon Bell would cap the scoring from Glen Mederios and Nate Arruda. Vescera would take the game 4-1

I will be away next week. So, you will probably have to wait for the stats after next weeks game.
Hope everyone has a great couple of weeks. See you in Two!!!!

Live, Breathe, Love......................HOCKEY!!!!!