So cold we warmed ourselves in the rink

February 4, 2023

Going to begin on a downer.

We lost two very special people this week. My mom and Rich Dias' mom. Personally, it has been a very rough week or so. However, the friendship and love shared by all of you has been special, beyond words. Thank you all!

Ok, lets get into the hockey. Let's start with penalties in minutes. There are 2 teams with a lot and then there is everyone else. I'm not pointing fingers. You can read the stats. The points leader is Andy Morrison for Votta Properties. He is followed closely by Neil Yee and Steve Lombardi. Lombardi has the most goals.

In the first game last night, Final Touch got off the schneid with a win over Vescera Law. 7-3. Talking to my wife, we both knew the word, but I wanted to look it up. Here you go word origin for the schneid : "The schneid referred to a losing streak (a use our current evidence dates to the late 1960s) the word was used to refer to a failure to score a point in gin rummy. It was short for schneider, which has been used with the same meaning but also has an earlier meaning from a different card game: in skat, schneider means (among quite a few other things—it's a complicated game) "having scored 30 or fewer points." THE MORE YOU KNOW. Anyway, most of the damage to Vescera was done by Neil Yee and Steve Albertelli. Rounded out by Brian Pendergast, Evin and Sean 'I had no choice but to score' Coffey. Vescera had the benefit of Nick Nardone doing most of the damage on the Vescera side.

In the second, Quicke Dam and Manville Pizza went at it. Quick Dam had a man with a sombrero. Frank the Tank Nardone with the hat trick. Atta boy. The wheel is working brah. Aimee, did you buy the wheel? Anyway, Quick Dam overran the Pizza in the third. It was a very close game until the end of the second. The teams were tied 1 minute into the second. And then Quick Dam went ahead 5-3 at the end of the second. Quick Dam pulled away getting 5 in the third. That would do it 10-4.

Well it is about time Edge Doctor got off their high whores. I mean horse. the word is horse. Green Goddess got the best of them in the second and third. Lets talk about the first goal shall we. There we were in the warm room, relaxing with a beverage. Jay Cinq-Mars would wow the crowd with a graceful goal. It was such poise and patience, it was a reminder of some of the greatest goals in the history of NRI AHL. The jubilation would not last as Brian Cormier would turn the tide back to the blue. A minute later, Goddess would put the puck in the net again. Bobby Jordan getting on the board. Must be the Indiana Jones cool hat he has. Again, Edge would get the edge from Ed Cardoso, tying up the score. A goal in the second and third by Chris Bach would win the game. 4-2. Most exciting game of the evening.

Stay warm my friends, it gonna be cold all day.

But it will be a balmy 46 on Sunday.


LIVE, BREATHE, LOVE...............................................HOCKEY!!!!!