Spring is Coming

February 27, 2021

I cannot wait for some warm weather. The last couple of days in the parking lot have been more bearable.

In the first game, Manny's sans some goalie skates got out there against Votta Properties. Then a giant brought a pair in for Jay Pires, who later made them into a swimming pool. With Manny's goalie struggling to get his footing, Votta Properties took advantage. The fun started with Eric Rondeau scoring. Later Kreg Labelle would get the game winner. Manny's would cut the lead with a goal by Adam Babikian. He would be set up by Peter Meegan, donning the #46 which i thought was retired for yours truly but alas, he is making it proud. In the second the flood gates opened for Votta. Shane McCormick would get a hatty, bridged by a goal by Brian Roman. Roman would end up with 3 apples and goal for the purple. Derrick Antunes would stop the bleeding at the end of the third. Early in the third Chad Labaste would cap the scoring for the Property and Derrick Antunes would cap the scoring for Manny's. 7-3 final Votta Wins

Well here we are in game two. Welcome to game two. Shannon's Final Touch (Sounds weird when you say it out loud), anyway, The touch came out to a quick start with Pilot getting on the board with Shannon on the apple. In the second another early goal, Jay Cawley making a nice pass and Steven "new daddy" Albertelli got the finish. Later in the period, Shannon would take care of business in front of the net and roof top, trying to hit the peanut butter. Early in the third, Manville finally got on the board. Unfortunately, it would not start a spark as 2 more in the third by Albertelli and Pilot and that would be the final Final Touch 5-1 Win

Last game of the night and it was already close to pumpkin time with the delayed start at the beginning of the night. Gary Ouilette would get the goddess on the board and then he would do it again, with help from Jimmy Meegan and Larry Lefebvre. Jimmy Would get one of his own before Vescera would wake up. Kevin Schleicher would put Vescera on his back with Doc Manzo giving him the help. Jimmy Meegan would stretch the lead for GG with help from Gary and Larry. It looks like those three got all the points. Nice. Anyway 4-1 going into the third, when the goalie for VL, Shannon Murphy said "I promise I will not give up another goal" and she didn't Vescera scraped out 2 hard fought goals by Greg Landry and one by Kevin Schleicher. It would not be enough. Vescera is still on the Schnide for a win. But each game is getting better. Great game by Green Goddess winning 4-3

Hope everyone has a great week. Hello to our friends who are playing pond hockey in upstate NY!! Hope you guys are having a blast. Not jealous at all (sarcasm).

Live, Breathe, LOVE..............................HOCKEY!!!