Summer 2017 Week 11

June 10, 2017

The Ahab Report

Breaking News: Gary Orr, after Four Score and more, leads Votta Properties to a Gomer Pyle, Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!, upset, First Win of  The Season.  The 2-1 win had a playoff hockey intensity type feel to it, and it was done against First Place Final Touch.  Orr, aka Ouillette, scored both goals for Votta, and Steve Owens made the play of the game.  With less than Five minutes to play, in a 1-1 tie, Owens stole the puck at the blue line keeping the puck in the offensive zone, in what would've been a Three on One the other way.  He then got the puck down low to His Binky, who fed Orr in front for the game winner.

The middle game was the tail of Two Cities.  In The First City, Vescerra Law kicked ass and led, 4-2 heading into the Third Period. In The Second City, Mannys pounded the crap out of The Law 5-0, to complete the 7-4 come from behind victory.  Let Me make this perfectly Claire, Dan would not allow His Team to go down in this battle. Claire scored both The First and Last goals of The Third Period with Laser Beam technology type shots.

In other action, Green Goddess fell short in Their comeback attempt, losing 7-6 to Roman Law, after trailing 7-3 at the end of Two Periods.  Green Goddess's New Guy, Mike Bragan, scored Twice and set up Three more, but it wasn't enough, and He'll never be able to replace Eleven, cuz, as We all know, Eleven was irreplaceable.