October 28, 2018

I am taking the liberty of using my access to say congratulations and thank you to the Boston Red Sox for an AMAZING SEASON!!

My Father and Grandmother had passed along their love for the Red Sox to me at a very young age. Carl Yastrzemski was my favorite player and his teammates, the likes of Bill Lee, Fred Lynn, Dwight Evans, Pudge Fisk,, ect. In fifth grade my friend Tommy Eaton and I went around the school on a bet who was more popular, Yaz or Fisk. Yaz won. or so that's how I remember it.

In any event, those teams, they said back then, were "25 players, 25 cabs". This team was different. This team came together in the spring with a goal that was relentless. 119 wins later, they ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!  With 4 in 15 seasons, that aint too bad. 2004 was great, special, once in a lifetime, but was more lightning in a bottle. This team was the best, start to finish. 2018, yes, the best Red Sox team in their long history. Again, Thank you!!!