The Clock Is Painful All Sane and Logical

March 11, 2023

Wow, how about that? We only have 2 games left in the season. Then Playoffs baby. Playoffs? Playoffs??? Sorry, you just can't help yourself.

What can happen, well honestly not much. Quick Dam could tie Edge Doctor. Unfortunately, Edge has them head to head. Final Touch is stuck in third as well. The back end could move up and down. For the most part, this looks pretty much like the playoff picture.

Peter will you check my math. I know you want to. Lol

Last night Final Touch could not get any better and didn't against the top team in the league. Allowing Edge Doctor to cement the number 1 spot. Brian Cormier with a Hat Trick. Who? Yep Brian. Who is that? Brian Cormier. He is my neighbor. Edge got up 4-1 before final touch knew what was happening. Aimee Accinno and Neil Yee with the goals. Aimee had a fitness contest that just ended and boy has it paid dividends with a goal and assist in this one. The other 2 goals for Edge were Peter Meegan and Brian McDonald, another couple of Cumberland Boys. Cumberland having a great night for the Doctor. In the end it was 5-2 with Edge winning.

Next we have Manville Pizza and Green Goddess going at it. Suffice it to say, Goddess poured it on and smeared it around. After the Carnage was done, Green Goddess would win 11-1. Shall I go over all the goals. ? Jimmy Meegan got a couple, Actually Jimmy started the scoring. Steve Lombardi got a couple. Greg Landry was on the board. Like I said spreading it around. In any case. That is it.

In the final game of the night, Quick Dam, still upset with Final Touch for not winning, took it out on Votta Properties. This had Kreg LaBell's finger prints all over it with 6 total points. A hat trick and 3 assists. Tunes got a goal maybe two, can't read Ben's hand writing. Neil Foley had a goal. 4 assists for Larry Lefebvre. In the end 8-3 win for the Orange.

Hope all goes well this week. Friday is St. Patricks day. Saint Patrick, the patron saint of the Emerald Isle, drove the snakes into the sea. As the story goes. What a great excuse to finish your game on Friday and head to Badgers Pub and see Wicked Rhode. And if you Miss Wicked Rhode on Friday, Get to Norton's Hillside Johnny's on Saturday and see Wicked Rhode there. So two chances to see the Award winning band WICKED RHODE! Did I say Wicked Rhode was playing 2 times next weekend? Also, Friday Jack Babineau is playing an acoustic set at Spritzers in Burrillville on Friday as well.

Hope every one has a great week! Erin Go Bragh!! (Ireland Forever)!

Live, Breathe, Love........................HOCKEY!!!