The MATTY CHRONICLES: A new season, a new reason! HOCKEY IS PLAYED HERE

September 15, 2017

Once upon a time... No..

This is the season of our discontent... No, no NO

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness... Yeah, I like this opening. (Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens) hee hee "Dick-ens""

Turns out that, though we didn't know it at the time, it looks like the 2 best teams faced off first to start the season. A battle of the goalies would get the first period going. Nothing - Nothing after one with plenty of back and forth action. Then it happened, Final Touch would start the scoring just over a minute in the second breaking the egg. Manny's would fight and fight and get it back 3 shifts later with Mike Thomas getting a sweet pass from Jimmy Meegan. It would be Dan Claire breaking the tie again late in the second. Like two teenagers going punch for punch, Manny's would come right back to tie it again. This would Mike Strayer getting a beautiful feed from Steven Albertelli. Albertelli would strike again, getting the next goal, set up by Paul Bergeron, to finally get The Hockey shop the lead. The new Captain, Rich, "don't call me DEE-ASS" Dias, would make sure his team stayed in the game set up by Jim Galvin and Peter "Member Capt. Ahab" Meegan.. Mannys would put the pressure on late going up again, this time Bergy led the way with Albertelli and Jordan setting up. Do you see a pattern beginning for the Yellow and Black. Captain Dias had to pull his goalie. A move that proved he knows hockey. Just like that with 33 seconds left in the game, Mark Ferreira would pop a shot that ended up on Meegans stick for the Prom with Your sister ending. Did you see Derek shit a chicken? What a game.

This is how hockey should start. The captain has an obligation, The team comes out like they just went to Savers for their jerseys. Apparently, it didn't make much difference, they looked good starting out the scoring. Yes, I am talking about that rag and tag team, the Green Goddess. They opened up the scoring with 2 goals in the first. Votta Properties would catch right up in the second. GG would break the tie with a goal of their own. With a 3-2 lead headed to the third, GG would score one in the beginning shift and another to go up 5 -2. Votta would not go away, scoring 2 more. The Goddess would clamp down and win the game 5-4. (you notice how I didn't mention anybody in this part of the article? Possibly because I need the numbers that go with the names for both teams) I know Andy Scored for Votta. Just saying. Another great game,

This takes us to the final game with Roman Law pitted against Vescera Law. All you can do is watch as the 10:40 kid comes to help a team. Shawn Smith and set him up 3 times as well as getting a goal himself. The game started out with Vescera getting on the board first. Bill Figaredo would be the recipient of a timely comedy of errors by yours truly. A pass out of the corner through the wickets and goal. After that it was all Red all the time. Greg Landry would put the game winner in with a nice back hander working it down the ice from Brian Roman and Ken Beck. Who is that number 9, Jarred Martin wanted to show his new captain how he can do his best Orr impression, going coast to coast for the unassisted goal. Later, the old man on his comeback tour, ripping off a back hander of his own. Tim Sheehan would pop in a beauty, just after hearing from the ice, he needs a stick from this century, get rid of that wooden thing. Hmmm maybe he should just keep it. Vescera however would not be done by any means. The man the myth the legend, Rob Edleman would put in two to get the score closer. He would have had more if he didn't trip over the crease (wink wink). Greg Landry would also score towards the end. This game was not that much of a chasm as the goals would suggest. Red benefitted as Shane McShane Shane pulled up lame mid second. Hope he heals quick.

Can you feel the excitement. After the Draft, all the captains felt like they had picked well. They felt like they had solid locker rooms and solid players. I think what none of them may realize is, its a bunch of great people and solid hockey players. Maybe that's why, no matter what, you got a great team and great locker room? Just a thought.

Next week will make things a little clearer, the Marquee game looks like Roman Law vs. Green Goddess. The two teams that won their opening games. It's the early game as well. Looks like a great match up.

I hope you all have a great week.

And remember WE

LIVE, BREATHE and LOVE---------------------------------------------HOCKEY!!!!!!