The Matty Chronicles: "EAT FRESH"

January 29, 2017

Welcome to D’Angelo’s what kind of sub do you want? A grinder? A hero? How ‘bout a nice meatball?
Yes folks, due to some pond hockey up in the great white north, well almost, Vermont, Friday night was decimated and needed to bring in subs of all types.
In the first game, Manville Pizza went a bit off the menu with Johnny A. and the Brian B. While the Green Goddess showed they were Green with Envy, but stayed with them in a 4-3 tilt for Manville. Mike Dussault looks as healthy as ever between the pipes for the Pizza. Dan Dussault would get the winning goal for his club with Frank Notorianni getting 2 assists.
Manny’s Hockey Club may have been decimated the most, needing 5 to have a bench full. Final Touch was no stranger to the hunger pains, as they needed a couple of five dollah foot longs themselves. Manny’s put on a great defensive show as they thwarted the on-slot of pressure from Final Touch. Manny’s, Shannon Cavalry put in, what turned out to be the game winner, on a shot from the top of the circle.
On the final take out order, Roman Law delivered. Vescera Law hung tough with a goals by Rob Edelman and Steve Sullivan. Roman would keep plucking away and got the victory 3-2. Another close one as Ricky Votta was the hero for the red. The defense and goal-tending was picture perfect on both ends. Another great Friday night match up.
As you may or may not know, a consortium of players played in a pond hockey tournament. Some sort of fuzzy party going on with everyone dressing up in their favorite Dr. Dentons.
And remember!
Live, Breathe, Love…………………………………………..HOCKEY!!!