The Matty Chronicles: Oh Danny Dussault boy the pipes the pipes are calling

March 18, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day Hockey Fans!!!! We could have put down some pints at the local pub. We could have stroked our Shillelagh's. Instead we did what we love to do most. Play some @#$%ing hockey!. And then put some beers down later.

The goalie situation is as thin as.... well it was thin. Dave McDonald would start in place of the Deuce, yes Deuce I didn't miss pronounce that, who is in Vegas, for Manville Pizza.. 190 feet away was Chad Labaste shaking off some musty dusty goalie gear and rust. You may know him as the blue liner from Roman Law. We also had a rookie time keeper. It looked as if Manville Pizza at one point had an insurmountable lead of 101 to 3. Wow, I think I would leave the ice. It turns out it wasn't all that vast a lead. Chad did a stellar job keeping it under 10. Manville Pizza continues to dominate the standings with the win over Vescera Law. Manville had spread around the goals with 6 different goal scorers. Dominic Assini would be the hero with 2 goals and 2 assists.

The MSCCC are on a tear with a big win over the Green Goddess vapors. Greg Landry finished the game with a Hat Trick, thanks to the generosity of Steve Owens dishing all of them to him. Owens would get 4 assists in this tilt. Although the chances were there, The Goddess just couldn't beat Jason Pires.  Chris Hammon would get the loan goal for the Goddess.

In the final game of the evening, Roman Law would assert themselves and get one step closer to the top of the class. It wouldn't be easy, Manny's Hockey shop would step up and score first with Shannon Cavalry getting the tip in. Roman had an unknown in net as Mark Schaivone would be shelved due to injury. Whomever he was (Shawn Smiths kids, friends dads cousin 2wice removed), the goalie was terrific as Manny's pushed and pushed. The game was back and fourth for most of 3 periods. Yet, with a little more than 2 minutes left, a breakdown on defense (Yours Truly) would allow Shawn Smith in on the elder Shaivone, Rob, who would thwart the effort. The puck wound up behind the net. Smith alertly put it on the charging tape of Ricky Votta for the game winner.

What a season, it literally comes down to next weeks games to find out who will take the Presidents trophy. If Roman Law beats Final Touch and Manville Pizza lose at the hands of MSCCC, it gets Messy at the top. Final Touch wins and Manville loses, they take the top spot uncontested by tie breakers. If Manville wins and Final Touch wins, well, it should be Head to head, which would be tied as well. Wow, messy right. So if Manville wins and Roman wins, it puts Manville at the top. We will actually have a lot of answers at the end of the first game next week.

Stay tuned fans, this is going to be a great ride.