The Matty Chronicles : Sibling Rivalry : Ma ma Schiavone!!!

February 18, 2017

The season is getting shorter and shorter. The first place MPP is on hiatus this week, while Roman Law took care of business. The Red would not be stopped against the Green Goddess. Eric Campbell would get the hat trick with Ralph Espilat, Ricky Votta and Neil Foley Chipping in to a 6-0 game. Mark Schiavone would get a shut out, more on that later.
In the second game, MSCCC came out on fire. They would be deservedly up by one after one. They pushed and pushed and would be hard pressed to let Final Touch even out of the zone. The Touch would not let up and kept pushing back. It would be Tommy Gaboriault getting two from rebounds and gritty work in front, the game started to turn. Dan Albertelli would tie up everything he faced and shut MSCCC down. MSCCC never gave up, but came up short 4-1. The score was not indicative of the game.
In the final game, Vescera Law would face the red hot Manny’s Hockey Shop led by Shannon Calvery. (is that spelled right Sharon?) Shannon would set up her linemates twice, 45 would have a hat trick and Mark Ferriera would get the first two and really all they needed. Manny’s is on a hot streak winning 4 out of the last 5 games.
The story this week is the goal-tending sibling rivalry. The Schiavone boys are always trying to one up each other. This kind of rivalry is unbelievable for their teams. Mark and Rob both had a shut out this week. However who is going to get the leagues Vezina trophy? Mike Dussault is right there with 61. Dan Albertelli is in the lead with 56. Rob Shiavone is right inbetween with 58. With the end of the season coming soon, anything can happen. With 2 shutouts and giving up only one goal in the other, the goalie race will be tight. Also, it is a reminder to the defense in front of these warriors of the ice, let them see the shots and clear the front of the net.
There is no tangible trophy. This is a pride thing.
Mike Dussault 3.21 gaa Manville Pizza (1st place game in hand)
Dan Albertelli 2.80 gaa Final Touch (1st place tied in points)
Rob Schaivone 2.90 gaa Manny’s Hockey Shop (4th place)
These stats are ridiculous for Men’s league. It is no wonder why their teams are at the top of the standings.

Another great time at the rink! Thanks everyone. Hope we see you all next Friday!

Live, Breathe, Love………..Hockey!

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