The Matty Chronicles: The Grinch is not here man!

December 18, 2016





Happy Holidays Hockey Fans!


Twas the week before Christmas and all through the rink, the
players were skating and then having a drink.


In the game of the night or was it not yet, in the first the
Goddess of Green, put it twice in the net. Kevin Bartels would lead the team
with a goal and 2 assists, putting him on the top of the Nice List. After the The
Goddess would lead right through the third, Final Touch would not let this game
be a turd. They would claw their way back, with Praderio line scoring, in fact
it would be the Sombrero Paul would be donning. At the end of it all, the game
would be tied. The Goddess would be disappointed in tying, while the Touch would
be happy instead of sighing.


Right after the tie, the Vescera came in, with chip on the
shoulders and snarl above their chin. The hero would be, Mike Prudhomme with 2
points, but wouldn’t do it alone. Bill Figuerido would get the gyst, by getting
himself a couple assists. In the end of the game it would be 2 to 1, with the
Law having most of the fun.


In the 1040 game, the Pizza would deliver, a devastating loss
to Roman Law, which should make you shiver. 7-2 would be the final score, with
Steve Manning getting a bunch of points in fact all of four. If Santa is real,
he sure did give a lift, a top spot in the standings for Manville’s Christmas


Here is wishing you and yours a very happy holiday, Christmas,
Hanukah, or whatever holiday you practice. Be Safe, Be of good and treat
everyone as you would want to be treated.


Live, Breath, Love………………………………Hockey!