The Matty Chronicles, Volume 1 Winter is Here!

September 10, 2016

Welcome back on that long hiatus! In the off season some of you went to European vacations or went back to your homelands.

Others played a little can jam, thanks to Craig and Helen Pizzo and their hospitality!


In the first games action of the winter season, Gary "SHOWTIME" Myers lived up to his nick name. With the first goal of the winter season and the top in the standings for a small period of time, Show won the game for MSCCC. Vescera Law put up a fight, but this one just went the other way.

In the second game of the night, Manville Palace Pizza squared off against Roman Law. Both teams had fought hard to keep the other off the score sheet, despite the effort, the 2 teams kissed their cousin. Mike Dussault and Rob Schiavone were the story. Bookends on the ice, trading save after save.

What a start to the season. In the final tilt, Final Touch, or should we say Eric "Gov" Governo, would beat the Green Goddess hockey club. The Gov would post 4 goals for Final touch. Dan Albertelli would keep Green goblins from the Goddess from getting on the score board.

Congratulations to a couple who has been part of our Hockey Family for five years. Derek and Caroline were wed yesterday, in the witness of their family and friends. We wish Derek and Caroline all the best. We hope that they will continue their love affair with each other forever! God Bless you both!


See you all next week.

Live, Breathe, Love.........................Hockey!!!