The top of the heap is full

March 27, 2021

Northern Rhode Island Amateur Hockey League is top heavy these days with 4 teams in first place with 16 points.

Final Touch moved up in the standings as they beat Vescera Law in early action. In the first period, Vescera got off to a great start with Rob Edlemen getting on the board with Bill Figuiredo and Jay Arruda getting assists. Jay Arruda leads Vescera Laws scoring with 9 points to his credit. Late in the second Final Touch got on the score sheet with Shannon Caverly setting up her leader in points, Steven Albertelli late. In the third the dominoes would fall. Albertelli would grab another one early from Mark Ferreira and Nick Miranda. Two late goals would seal the fate of Vescera Law one from Mark Koskinski and the captain herself, Shannon Caverly, would cap the scoring. Steve Owens and Jim Galvin would get the apples. Final Touch wins 4-1.

In the second game, let's just say the smoke is still rising from the barn is it was burning in this one. You know its going to be a high scoring affair when Votta Properties, Neil Owen Foley (Foleyator?? No No No I don't think so), gets the first goal of the game. The jubilation would not last as Gary Ouilette would get it back for Green Goddess, with helpers from Tim Pincine and Andy Morrison. Goddess would take the lead late in the first, as Pincine would beat Shannon (the other Shannon) Murphy with Ralph Espilat (What's Up Gorgeous BOO). Apparently, there was plenty of time to tie it up before the end of one, as Chad Labaste would worm his way from the blue line and get one by Mark Clarkin.  Phew, not even halfway through and look at all the action. Stick with me, there is more. Votta would come storming ahead with Eric Rondeau getting on the board with help from Foley. Rondeau would stretch the lead with another one 2 minutes later, this time taking the long pass from Brian Roman. That never give up attitude would be rewarded for Goddess late in the period. A turnover in the defensive zone would allow Pincine to edge closer. Just like Deja vu, Morrison would duplicate the effort with one of his own tying the game once again, with just 5 seconds left. Early in the third Goddess would pull into the lead. Less than a minute in Brian Roman would get one from the rebound into the net from Morrison and Pincine. Just off the face off Jimmy Meegan would drive the lead further out, making it four unanswered for the Green. Votta would finally stop the bleeding with Foley getting another one. Not sure if this reporting is correct, did he get the first one? Not sure on that. I am sure someone will text me for the retraction. Labaste would figure in on this one. Votta would tie it up once again, with Shane McCormick getting on the board, Rondeau and Labaste on the assist. Game aint over yet folks. Green Goddess would take the lead with just over 2 minutes to go. Mark 'Shooter' Dionne would earn his nick name with the game winner, Pincine and Morrison on the assist. What a game. Green Goddess would pull it off 7-6.

Is anyone still reading ?? Hello?? Are you still there? Anyway, yeah the late game. We lost. F#*K Off cheaters. What?

So, in the late game the new sponsor, Edge Doctor, would finally get over on a different team than usual, Quick Dam. Edge Doctor would have the prescription in the first five minutes to cure their woes. In the first shift, Eric Campbell would collect the loose change in front of the net from Glen Marshall's heads up pass. Two minutes later, Campbell would strike again on a why not shot from the middle of the ice. Schaivone lost it in the lights. Less than 30 seconds later, Glen Marshall would shoot the puck and find the mail slot size opening from the bottom of the circle. Quick Dam never gave up. In the second, Brian (choose 69, it's hilarious) McDonald would get one by the Jay Pires, who was outstanding in this one, with help from Tim Sheehan, just off the plane from south of the border. How he got in, I have no idea. Back and forth action the rest of the game, but all efforts were thwarted by the goal tending. This one would end 3-1, Edge Doctors.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Cherish every moment. Life is too short. Thank God for hockey.

Live, Breathe, Love....................HOCKEY!!!