This is the Turkey Special with all the Fixins

November 19, 2022

In the beginning yeah, I believed every word you said. 

Really here is the beginning.
You know that team, the one that has a 7 game unbeaten streak, with only one loss. The one loss was against the team they faced last night. It was the two titans of the hockey world, Quick Dam on a winning streak, versus Green Goddess, the scariest team in the Friday league. Green Goddess was ready to play this one, getting on the board with 2 in the first. Jay Cinq-Mars putting the puck to bed from Steve Lombardi. Jay is leading the d players with goals and assists. J Dubs also getting the assist. The other was Steve Lombardi with help from the Jay man and Richie Dias. Well that was fun wasn't it. If it were only one period. Yep, Frank Nardone got the Quick Dam going donning the 69 proudly down the ice. In the next 2 periods of action, 6 unanswered by QD with Neil Foley getting the next one, Derek Antunes, then Larry Lefebrve and finally Kreg Labelle with the last two. My goodness that was exciting. Steve Lombardi with 8 seconds left for Green Goddess, would add to the stats, but not the win column. 6-3 Quick Dam wins. And climbs to the top of the standings.

In the next game, a gritty effort for both teams. It was Votta Properties versus Final Touch. Neil Yee did what Neil does best and scored early for the Touch. If you think Votta was done after one goal, you would be wrong. They woudl end up getting the next 2 and punching Final Touch in nethers. It would be Mark Kosinski getting a weird bounce off a skate or something, whatever. In any case the next goal was by Eric Campbell back from his honeymoon(S). What happens when you poke the bear, the momma bear gets pissed and scores a goal. That's right Shannon Caverly, captain, my captain, beat em five hole. Her help came from Aimee Accinno and Brian Pendergast. Before the period was over, boom goes the dynamite. Jarred Martin would score on an all out effort of passing brilliance by Yee and Jerry Fahey. The Properties were not ready to wave the white flag. Especially since it was only the second, they scored at the waning minutes of the period and it would be Campbell again with help from Kosinski and Nick Nardone. The third was all Yee and Martin. Face off, gain line, pass puck, score goal. Just that easy. The rest of the period was a freakin scramble, but Final Touch pulled it out with Frank Zabatta holding the fort. 4-3.

The last game turned out to be the proof of parody in the league. Vescera Law versus Edge Doctor. With the Doctor's fearless captain, unable to play, he came out looking dapper on the bench. He even tied his own tie. Well done sir, well done. Unfortunately, good looks and donning a suit doesn't win you games. In the first, no goals, but 2 penalties by Edge Doctor. A trip and a Slapper for the shame box sitters. Nothing came of it however. In the Second, Edge Doctor got on the board with a goal by Steve Owens. Literally, 18 seconds later, the joy was over, as Vescera Law would put the tie on themselves. Scott Reilly would get the first one and liked it so much he got another on his next shift. And in the third, Vescera would pull away with Kevin Schliecher getting the cherry at the end of the third. Vescera Law was on quite a losing streak before this game and maybe this will put them on the road to recovery. 4-1 Vescera Wins

Oh what a night. Lots of fun as usual. I know especially when you win. Still fun, every week no matter the outcome.

Special note, Wicked Rhode is at Stevie D's tonight in Riverside. 8-830 start.

Loose Screws is playing somewhere as well. Just kidding. They are at Oriental Pearl in Dartmouth at 9. Late and far away.

Hope you all have a great week. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all can be with your loved ones and laugh, eat, love and enjoy.

Live, Breathe, Love........................................HOCKEY!!!!!