Vescera WINS!!!! Vescera WINS!!!

April 17, 2021

Late last night at the edge of North Smithfield, Vescera Law finally got a win. Like the Philadelphia Flyers vs. the Buffalo Sabers, Green Goddess was the victim of halting the winless streak. Anything can happen on game day. Goddess and Vescera went the through the first period unscathed. Back and forth they went. In the second, Pete Meegan struck first, selflessly helping out Vescera in the first shift. Steve Albertelli helping out Goddess, returned the favor, evening the score. Dan Clare would put Vescera in front in the next shift from Mike Bonin. Goddess would volley back late in the second, with Tim Pincince and Rick Vasconcelos tying it up. In the third, Shannon Murphy in net, held on for Vescera, keeping the pucks in front of her. With the warm room looking on, Vescera Law would strike again. Pete Meegan would get the puck from Bill Vescera, putting them in front again. The time ticked away on the Green as Vescera took their first victory of the season. WOOT WOOT. 

With that, I am exhausted just thinking about, what a game. 

In the first game, another no show by Brandon Bell. What the heck buddy? Edge Doctor, in the nursing blue came out strong against Votta Properties. Getting an early goal by Brian Pendergast, who picked up the loose change in the crease, from Glen Mederios and Adam Babikian, who took the initial shot. Late in the first, Gerry "the assassin" Fahey, would put Votta on the board from Shane McShane McCormick. As the first wound down, Kreg Labelle would put the purple out in front. In the second, Derek Antunes shot Glen Marshall out of a cannon. He beat one of the fastest defensemen in the league and beat the Shannon five hole. Bastard. Late in the second, Pendergast would get a second goal, set up by Babikian, putting the Doctor out in front. Ricky Votta, doing his best Gretsky impression, found his vintage hands, beating two defensemen and a goalie, for the tie. In the third, Votta made some changes, it worked. A superb goal by Labelle, doing some second floor work, stole the game from Edge Doctor getting the win for Votta Properties. The last goal, belonged to almost buzzer Neil Foley. Literally, raking the puck to empty net, unmolested but making sure he didn't miss. Votta 5 Edge Doctor 3.

Guess what folks, the other Shannon won too. Oh that was a spoiler. Bear with me here, Final Touch wore all different jerseys. So, it looks like Chris Pilot got the first goal with Shannon Caverly on the assist in the first. That was it in that period. In the second, Manville got on the board with Dan Dussault getting the goal with Mark Kosinski setting it up. Kosinski would take the puck and the team on his back, to put Manville in front 2-1. Steve Albertelli subbing in for Final, would tie it up, getting JW Prestons rebound. Late in the period, Pilot would put the Touch ahead, with help from Shannon and Albertelli. Albertelli would strike again, putting the team out in front. Steve Owens would then stretch the lead for good from Scott Reilly. Late in the third, Manville would scratch out a goal, but it was a little too little, a little too late. Final Touch would take the win 5-3. 

Manville, Final and Votta are all knotted up at the top of the standings, with 5 games left. It is going to be quite a race to the finish. Next week, could shake out a stand alone leader. Final Touch will be stagnant as Manville faces Votta. 

Hope everyone has a great week. 

Live, Breathe, LOVE>................................................HOCKEY!!!!!