Votta Property Champions again! Hat Trick.

April 3, 2023

This was one for the ages. Edge Doctor Vs. Votta Properties. 

Edge Doctor came out with a couple of goals in the first by I thought Peter Meegan, but it says Adam Babikian and Peter Meegan short handed. Jay Cawley got a nice one at the beginning of the Second. Votta got one back seconds after the Edge's 3rd goal By Andy Morrison. Late in the third, Votta tied it up A goal off the leg of Derek Anderson. The tying goal by Jay Arruda. And then there was the OT. nothing happened. Kudos to the goalies in this one, Tommy Martins and Mike Baro. This is where I disagree with Hockey in general, I don't like shootouts. Yet, here we go. Goals for Votta Properties in the shootout by Nick Nardone, Derek Anderson and Andy Morrison were the difference. Edge Doctor had goals by Glen Marshall and Ralph Espilat in the shootout. 

In the end VOTTA PROPERTIES WINS 6-5. Congratulations!