Votta Wins Presidents Trophy

July 26, 2019

Since the very second week of the season, Votta Properties, helmed by Ricky Votta himself, has been perfect. They have earned themselves the President Trophy. That said, Manville Pizza, Roman Law and Manny's all have a chance for second place. Manny's is a long shot as the other two are a point off each other. Two weeks ago, many of us were not in town for the action. Manny's managed to get by with mostly subs, beating Roman Law 9-6. Votta Properties squeaked by Green Goddess. While Manville Palace Pizza routed Vescera Law.

This weeks action was also a sub-fest. Roman Law had a seasoning of Manny's in it to spice things up versus Vescera Law. It turned out the regulars were the difference. A couple of goals by Paul Bergeron including the game winner. Shawn Smith started the scoring to lead his team. Derek "green pants" Franco would cap off the scoring. Neil Foley was brilliant in the game earning an assist. Andy Morrison had a great game in all 3 zones. Vescera Law played an outstanding game in their own right. Dave MacDonald came up big time and again, to give the law his chance. Mike Bonin and Shane McCormick would get the goals for VL but it wasn't enough, as Roman Law would prevail 5-2.

And here we go, Votta Properties in game two, yep, they continue to win. This one was very close, of course it would be Steven Albertelli leading the way and the scoring for the purple. Greg Landry would score for Final Touch, a shell of themselves as the big kahuna Richie Dias and our good friend Ricky Vasconcelos are both on shelf. In any event, Dillon Rapitore would make it interesting with another goal and keeping the score tied into the third. Votta would cap off the scoring with 2 to keep their near flawless record in tact. Mike Dussault and Mike Baro would be fantastic in this goalie duel. In the end it was Votta 4 Final Touch 2.

In the final game, Manville Palace Pizza remains strong. They won this one in the first. Eric Rondeau would get the scoring going with a couple of goals. Glen Medeiros and Mike Thomas would answer for Green Goddess. Mark Kosinski would get another before the bell and just 30 seconds later, someone wearing 4 would get a goal. Shannon Cavelry would put one in as a sub and get an assist before this one was over, helping Kosinski get his second. The pizza would prevail 6-3.

4 weeks left of the season. As it was said, so it shall be written. Votta Properties has the edge for the remainder of the season. Manville Palace Pizza is hoping to remain in second. However, they will play Roman Law next week, which could change the standings. Manny's has 4 games left, which could help them climb the ladder. It all remains to be seen.

Hope everyone has a great week. Hakuna Matata.

Live, Breathe, Love...............................Hockey!!!!!