What is happening here!!

August 2, 2019

Manville Pizza's team is engineered by Dan Dussault. Dan has put together a damn good team. So good in fact, they are the evil empire in peoples minds. So, if they are the evil Empire, does that make Dan the Emperor ?? No, He would be Vadar. Because, as we know, Mike Dussault, his elder brother, is the Emperor. (self appointed, of course). Yet, they ran into the oldest empire, The Roman Empire of Roman Law. The Roman's would strike first like the lions on the Christians. Just 2:29 into the game, the dike had a hole. Manville would stick their finger in the dike, by getting a goal of their own 4 minutes later. Tommy Gaboriault would be the big finger to the Romans and get around the defense, making a great move and finish to score the goal. It wouldn't be long before Shawn Smith would crack the whip and get his team back on track. The second goal Tim Sheehan would finish after an onslaught of pressure on MPP. Andy Morrison would get it started. As the second period would start so would The Palace. Scoring the tying goal would be, of course, Mark Kosinski who would rise above the rest at the face off with Darth Vadar, ahem, I mean Dan Dussault on the assist. And then the red would see red and put the next one in, Paul Bergeron would find the back of the net, again from Andy Morrison. Late in the second, Shawn Smith an emperor in his own right would put a couple of the pills in the box to end the second and that would be all they would need. Mark Kosinski would put in the last goal but it would be too late. Roman Law wins 5-3.

Well that was quite a game wasn't it. Well how about the next one. What happened to our beloved Manny's Hockey shop. Derek Signoriello is beside himself with disappointment in his team. I blame myself. In any event, Green Goddess would take advantage of some lucky bounces and outstanding Goal tending by Mark Shaivone. Ray Yellow Socks Iannuccello would start the scoring as a hired assassin for the Green. It would be the Bull himself Peter Meegan making the score even. An ill advised pass minutes later by yours truly would be blocked by Glen Medeiros and popping the puck to the sure hands of Mike Thomas and he would finish the job top shelf. Before the period would end, Jimmy Meegan would stretch the lead to two over the Hockey shop. Early in the second, Jimmy would be the helper for Brad to put a four spot on the board. With plenty of time left, Manny's would cut the lead in half with Signoriello feeding Peter Meegan, who give the Gold some hope. It would be all they could do unfortunately. The second half of the game would be a draw. Hard fought but still a draw. Goddess would ride out the 4-2 differential.

And then there was Richies team. But Richie is on a caravan to Nashville Tennessee. Are you from Tennessee ?? Cause you are the only Ten I see. In fact, his favorite player is also with him Mr. Fluffy Vasconselos. Isn't it weird that he scored 4 goals in this one plus an assist. Wait, that was his jersey number scoring. In fairness this game was over early as Final Touch had a Touchdown before Vescera got out of the box. Shane McCormick would finally break the emergency glass with the help of Rob Edlemen.  In the end, The heavily subbed Final Touch would win 7-2.

I cannot believe it, we are almost done for the summer. My goodness how time flies. In any event, lets take a moment to thank those who bring beverages week in and week out. Lets here it for the beer captains and the functional alcoholics. Lets raise a glass or can to the mavericks of the parking lot. God bless you all my friends.

Hope you all have a great week.

Live, Breathe, LOVE!!!!!!!....................Hockey!!!!!!! isn't it just the best.