July 14, 2017

As a long time reader, you thought things were different. The post seem to take forever to be put up. The articles were nice but short.

It is difficult to put your finger on why, but you find yourself hypnotized by these words today. Don't worry it's just the MATTY CHRONICLES!!!!

Friday night hockey fight to the top of the standings has Green Goddess leading the way. While the idle Final Touch is off healing from the long summer schedule, Manville Palace Pizza is sneaking its way up. Don't look now, but the cellar dwellers, Votta Properties has started to put some games together for wins.

In the game of the night, The Pizza, got all their dough rising in the first. The end of the first had The Pizza with all the toppings at 5-0. Brian "Penda" Pendergast thwarted their perfect first period, however with a late period goal. Then Roman or shall I say Shannon Cavalry brought down the LAW. Shannon, would have a screamer that was tipped in by A-A Ron Crossett. Cavalry would bend the twine again and make this a ligit game in the second. While Rome was not built in a day, neither was a championship. Mike "The Beast" Dussault would keep the score from getting any more out of hand, allowing just one more in the third. Some would argue that Neil Foley may have slipped it passed the goal line, for some reason it was not seen that way by the Refs. ? Weird? no? Manville wins 5-4. Putting themselves 3rd in the standings.

In the First game of the evening, the coveted 8:20, Manny's Hockey shop and Votta Properties went at it tooth and nail. While the game started out with Manny's dominating the ice and scoring first, in the first, Votta had no worries. Bobby Gravel, drove down the wing and popped a beauty passed Mac. Gravel would not be done, setting up Andy Morrison for their second to close out the first. Starting the second, Gravel would strike again, with Morrison's help. This line would dominate the first half of the game. They would not be done, the purple people eaters would continue to add to the lead, Scott Reilly would pop in two, one he collected off his own rebound on a break in. Nick Miranda would cap off the scoring for Votta. Greg Landry would figure in on two of the last 3 as well. Late in the third, Manny's would not just go away. Fighting for every inch of ice, yours truly would snap a pass up to Jim Gavin for his second. He would not be done, he would complete the Sombrero with just 38 seconds left. Great win for the Properties, who are up and coming.

And the Winner for the top of the standings is................Well lets not give them the Presidents Trophy just yet, but Green Goddess has an impressive team. Ralph "everybody's Boo" Espilat, led his team in points, scoring the first and last with 2 assists in between. This game belonged to the Goddess from step one. Although the game was tied in the early part of the second, with a goal set up by Ricky Votta, Chip Saravo and another set up by Chris Hammond, Vescera had something going. It would not last however, Green would pull away with 2 goals and an assist by Rich Dias, the fire power on GG is just too much. They win and put themselves in first. 5-2.

Now that you have enjoyed seeing your name in the news, we can go back to our regularly scheduled Shenanigans.

Next week is a showdown. Final Touch needs to win just to tie Green for first, while GG can start breaking away with a win.

Manny's v. Manville, Mano y Mano. If Manny's can pull off the win, they muddle themselves in the middle. Manville however can put themselves in a dominant spot and ligit chance to move into first before the end of the season.

Votta Props and Vescera Law square off in the late game. This is not a snooze fest folks, this is how Votta can make their mark or Vescera can show them who is the LAW in this rink.

Grab a ticket, get in your seats and buckle up! its going to be a bumpy ride to the finish!

Live, Breathe, Love...................HOCKEY!