You Carry The Passport To Your Own Happiness

October 8, 2022

Welcome to Friday Night Hockey's one and only articles about Friday Night Hockey. This is an exclusive read and you should never miss it. Just like missing hockey. You don't get it back.

In the first game all I can say is wow what a game the first the first 2 periods were. I say were because the wheels came off for Vescera Law quickly in the third. In the first it was 2-1 with Vescera leading. Dan Clare started the fire. In the second roles were reversed, as Votta Properties took the 2-1 advantage. Andy Morrison and Ricky Votta himself. On to the third. Andy Morrison would take advantage and get 2 in less than a minute apart. Iggy Gozman would get one back for Vescera. Then Nick Nardone would snipe and Morrison would get another to finish it off. Yep, Andy Morrison would get 5 goals in this one to pull the team to victory. Votta wins 7-4.

Game 2, for those of you who are counting. This should be a better read, but it won't be. Quick Dam and Edge Doctor would take the ice. Edge Doctor has started the season on fire, pretty much having there way with their opponents. Quick Dam said "No Mas". Edge would start the scoring in the first with Steve Owens on the board, helped by Brian McDonald. In the second, Quick Dam would tie it up. Derek Franco with Shawn Smith on the helper.........  

oh wait, yeah that was it, 1-1 tie. Boring.

Late game here, get your late game!! Ok, this was travesty. I only say that cause we lost. Final Touch went in with hopes and dreams and Manville Pizza crushed those. Manville got a couple of sweet goals in the beginning of the game, Keith Kraunelis and Pete Meegan one and two on the score sheet. Final Touch would dig deep and get one back with help from Derek Anderson. Sandy as he is know by the fires. Must be a Grease fan. Your the one that I want. Hoo hoo hoo. Anyway, back to the action. In the second Keith Kraunelis would get another one, followed by Mark Kosinski and Manville was off and running. Final Touch would get one back with Neil Yee putting the stank on it. Early in the third, within 30 second of the 3 minute mark, 2 quick goals by Final Touch would turn the game on its ear. The jubilation would not last. Pizza would rise or deliver or whatever cliche you can muster for a team named Pizza. Yep, Pete Meegan would prevail in a fight in front of the net. Fucker, I mean asshole, I mean good job Pete.

Well Folks, it was a fun night. Hope everyone has a nice long weekend. For those who are out camping, don't freeze your butts off.

much love

Live, Breathe, Love....................................HOCKEY!