First Round and A few Shockers

April 30, 2022

Happy Championship weekend, for some. 

Quick Dam shocks the hockey world. The Dam playing possum all season. On this day in this game, Quick Dam would get by the second place team Green Goddess. Goddess was in this until the end of the second, when Quick Dam pulled away. Chad Labaste getting two and the game winner was the Lightning bolt for the team. The real star was Mark Shaivone in net. He stacked the pads and stood on his head for this one. 

The second game was a nail biter. Vescera spreading the love throughout the team. Kevin Schleicher, Richie Dias, Aimee Accino (goal and a trip) and Jay Arruda all getting on the board. On the other side, Manville Pizza spread it out, except that Glen Marshall would put 2 in. Nick Nardone and Shane McCormick would round out the scoring. 4 - 4 tie. You know what that means? Yep fucking shoot out. In the end, the Goalies, Mike Baro thwarting Nick Nardone, Shane McCormick, Glen Marshall, Keith Kraunelis and finally Dan Dussault. Tommy Martins kept Kevin Schleicher, Jay Arruda and Ollie Arruda's favorite hockey player at bay. He couldn't stop the quick hands and stealthy double head fake of Richie Dias. Dias would win the game for Vescera Law. Onto (spoiler alert) Edge Doctor. 

This last one, what can you say. Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you. (picture Sam Elliot saying it in the movie Big Labowski with such a twang it sounds like bar not bear). Lets not go over all 11 goals. Suffice it to say Kreg LaBelle had a hat trick and that was a very small percentage of goals. Edge Doctor scored early and often, yes Neil Foley started the fire. Mike Thomas had a couple of goals and 3 assists to lead the team in points. Final Touch had rough one, while Edge Doctor had a ball. In any case, Mike Dussault was the star of the game, only letting in one (chipping in an assist for good measure). Onto Vescera Law. 

Good Luck to those who move on. 

Next report tomorrow, maybe. 

Live, Breathe, Love.....................................................HOCKEY!!!!!