I Feel Scroogie or Grinchy. You ever get like that?

December 17, 2022

Hello readers! Too bad this isn't interactive. Where you could comment under the article. Feel free to text me and give me your thoughts. I am thinking about how it's basically halfway through the winter season and how close all the teams are in the standings. Nice job captains on making the league competitive. We also have seen some quality subs come in this season.

Let's get to the games. I was told a story recently. One of our friends from another league would often say when the story gets to long, to "land the fucking plane already". Well, this has inspired me to make this the longest article ever. Settle in, embrace the madness that is my mind.

Game one the upstart Green Goddess and league leaders Edge Doctor went at it last night. The first period was 2-0 Edge with super sub Evin Huguenin got the goal for the blue. Peter Meegan got himself a goal. Thank god he got his jersey, otherwise he would not get the stat. And then it was the Glen Marshall show. Let's just say if it were not for me getting his inhaler, he would not go on to score the 4 goals he scored. You heard that right, 4 goals. Cause I got him his inhaler. I should just put 77 on the score sheet. It is a team effort and My Boo Ralph had a couple of assists. The other goal for Edge was Steve Owens. Ray Ray Iannuccio would get a couple of goals for the Goddess and we hope he is ok. He hit the boards at Ray Ray speed. Also, to round out the scoring for the Goddess JW Preston. His specialty is not scoring, its dancing. You gotta see the dubs dance. Edge Doctor wins 7-3.

This next game was crazy. Vescera Law versus Final Touch. Both teams had a bunch of subs. Final Touch got on the board early y the super sub Evin, playing in his second game. From Jerry Fahey and Aimee Accinno. Here is where I lost my shit. Shane would break away and score from Dan Clare. In the second Iggy Gozman would get a shorty mcshorty short hander. Game ain't over yet. You forgot about super sub who would get 2 more midway and late in the period completing his hat trick. A hat trick can you believe. Evin was subbing for Manning. Nick Nardone would get the empty netter to put a cap on this one.

Final game of the evening. Quick Dam versus Manville Pizza and the return of Captain Dan Dussault. Manville started this one ahead early in the first. It would be white gloves himself, Mark Kosinski getting on the board. Set up by Chad Labaste. Neil Foley on Quick Dam would match the goal to tie it up a minute later. Kreg Labelle would get on the board in the next shift. QD would lead 2-1 in the first. In the second it was all Quick Dam, A hat trick by Derek Green Pants Franco and one by Shawn Smith would be all she wrote for this game. Kreg Labelle would round out the scoring. He would get 2 and 2. Franco would get 3 and 1. Chad Labaste and Rick Mercuri would each get one for Maville. The final score, 7-3.

Does everyone have all their holiday shopping done? Are we ready for all those treats and awkward looks when you open a gift you didn't want or not sure why you got it? so much fun. Anyway, hope everyone has a great week.

Talk to you next week!

Live, Breathe, Love............................Hockey!!!!