The Count Down Begins

July 12, 2019

Tonight, on Friday Night Hockey, Green Goddess and Roman Law are thrown into the arena as foes. They came out as equals. Wait what? Mike Dussault and Mark Schaivone were impeccable as they absorbed the many shots against them and only let by 2 each. Roman would start the scoring with Shawn Smith tallying it up on his second shift. Goddess would fight back with a Mike Thomas would equal the task against his good friend. In the second, Sean Coffey would put the Goddess up by one early on. Later on it would be Andy Morrison getting it back for Roman Law. This would be all the scoring in this one. Both teams would end up in a tie. This was truly a tie. Both teams being equal to the task.

In the second game, Sean Forrant would get the game winning goal 2:14 in, set up by Ricky "silky mitts" Votta. Sean would get another, plus an assist to round out the game. Oh yeah, that is right there were 8 other goals. Adam Babikian and Steven Albertelli would both don the Sombrero getting exactly 3 each and mainly off each others assists. So in the end, it would 10-0 Votta. Apparently you cannot stop the Purple express, this train keeps a rollin' all night long.

On to the final game and it would be Final Touch hosting Manny's Hockey Shop. The whole game was done in the first. In the first minute, Peter Meegan would light the fuse from Ant Lisi. It would be Steve Owens helping out while his team was on the shelf, getting the next two. The first one was a net seeking missile, popping the top shelf off grandma's wall. Peter Meegan, would dust off the first with the fourth goal. ba di ba di ba di that's all folks. 4-0 thanks to Jay Pires holding the door shut for Manny's.

Oh what a night, hope all had fun. Now next week should be a lot of fun. There will be so many subs, the deli will run out of meat. Unless you are just having a salad. If you are not in the league at the moment, or shall I say not on the team at the moment, and you want to play, please let us know. I am sure we have a spot for you.

Have a great week.

Live, Breathe, Love.......................Hockey!!!