2 Weeks of Winter are in the books

September 14, 2014

In the first 2 weeks the team that is on FIRE is Roman Law. Both games were runaways with the Law putting up a sideways infinity symbol in week one and another 7 in week 2. The captain from another team was quoted as saying "Roman Law is a scoring machine". In other news, complaints are mounting in the league chatter over the official stats. Unfortunately, due to forces beyond control, these stats are not finalized. Some of the teams were late to report the individual numbers of the players and have since been corrected. However, it may never be totally resolved. Week 2 had MSCCC coming back to win in the late game after a week one loss, handing Manville Pizza the loss, Manville had won week one over the Consultants. Manny's Hockey Shop's first game after a bye in week one, got a complete team effort and the win over Final touch. Vescera Law was off in week two and is looking to keep the winning going after week one. Final Touch and 401 Consulting are still trying to find their game. However, with the fire power on each team, they will be at the top of the standings soon. Also in the news, an unnamed player of Final Touch was commenting on the game and was asked about Showtimes return to the league after his summer hiatus, " that wasn't Showtime, that was god, he just thinks he is Showtime..." We did notice he was running on water. God did not make the score sheet unfortunately. Must of been his unselfish play.

Please remember to pay your dues as it is getting close to the second payment, come October 1. Ice is not free!



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