A long time ago (last night) in a place far away (not distance but with all the traffic) .....

May 4, 2024

May The Fourth Be With You, Always!!!

Ok, picture this, if we were in the time and place of Star Wars. Picture which characters are in our league. I know you already have a couple of Chewbacca's, admit it. 

Ok in the first game, Vescera Law would take the ice against Votta Properties. Purple looked a bit like a pick up team. Maybe they would be the bounty hunters? Vescera came out blasting. less than a minute in, Shane McCormick would get the party started. This would start the Shane show, as he would get a "Natty Hatty". Not only did Shane get 3 unanswered, he would also get the Game winner. And there's more, it was all in the first. Votta got on the board in the second and third. One by Ricky Votta, both set up by Andy Morrison. Vescera, sowed up the game with 2 goals in the second one By Rafi, one by Steve Lombardi. An early third period goal by Sammy Woodward, would finish the scoring off for this one sided victory. 6-2. Vescera.

Game 2. This is a little tie into Star Wars. The Evil Empire (Manville Pizza) took the ice against The Rebels (Final Touch). A stale mate in the first between these two power houses. In the Second, the dynamic duo, Ryan Degnan and Ben Hevner would get on the board, Degnan tipped in Hevners shot. Son of a...... Later in the second, Frank Nardone and his broken x-wing, would get a Shorty Mc Short Short goal. Set up by Dan Dussault and Peter Meegan. Sub boy Scott Costa would get the third goal of the period and the game winner. Spoiler. In the third, our hero, Kreg Labelle would get 2 goals. One set up by Brian Pendergast and one by both Steve Owens and Andy Meegan. It would not be enough. Peter Meegan had scored a fourth goal for MPP and that would be all she wrote. 4-2 Pizza pizza 

Last but not least, the orange of the Quick Dam versus the Green of Green Goddess would put to the ice. Guess who got a hat trick for Quick Dam, yep you guessed it Steve Lombardi. Steve would get the first 2 goals of the game. Goddess would get one back in the second before Quick Dam would get on the board again. Bill Babikian fending off Richie Laplant would bury the biscuit, from Nick Nardone and Adam Babikian. Quick Dam would stretch the lead to 2 goals once again. Mike Thomas would get them on the board. 3-1 going into the third. and then the real scoring started. 4-3 in this period. Just enough to win for Quick Dam. Mike Thomas would get another one and Steve Lombardi would complete the Hatty. A couple of goals by Subs and one for Adam Babikian would be the scoring for Goddess. In the end, 7-4 Quick Dam. 

If anyone would like to come to Cranston tonight, Wicked Rhode is playing at the Joint Bar and Grille. Hope to see you there. 

Another fun night of hockey everyone. See you next week. 

Much Love. 

Live, Breathe, Love.....................................................................HOCKEY!!!!