And then there were 2

September 7, 2019

There are no words that can apply exemplify the night of hockey that just happened.

In the history of mens league hockey has the semi finals been so exciting to be a part of.

Votta Properties and Manny's were set to play. Unfortunately, like life, you cannot predict problems. No refs, no worries. We wait.

When the puck finally dropped, the teams were ready for battle. Lets be brief, the game went 3 periods of 0-0 hockey. Ok, no problem, overtime. Nope, nothing nothing still. Wow unreasonable. the tension, but no panic. The odds, all even. Here we go. Shootout hockey. Mannys would prevail with their captain showing the way as Signoriello would puzzle his puzzler and put it by Baro. Next would be Votta, no goal. and again and again no goal. Nate Arruda would finally get the best of Pires. 7 Shooters in and Brian Pendergast would be the hero for Manny's. Finish and on to the finals for Manny's. What a game. Votta, was the best team all season. They showed why tonight but just came up short.

In the next game, wow another great one. Manville Pizza would be behind the 8 ball with Derek Franco popping the first one in because Andy Morrison put a pass right on his tape 4 minutes in. Roman Laws Captain would get a break and beat Mikey late in the first. 2-0 Roman. The second would have Manville cutting the lead as Eric Rondeau pop one in from Tommy G. On to the third and Andy Morrison would not be denied and get a 3-1 lead. It would be Brian Duboc to get it to 3-2. and then Rondeau would do it again tying it up. Wait what just happened, Manville went ahead, yep Eric Roneau would get them ahead to complete the hatty from Tommy g and Larry Lefebvre. A minute later Morrison would take the team on his back and tie it up. Holy crap, overtime. Sorry folks, all I know is Andy Morrison scored as the fifth for Roman to win it all.

Really unbelievable outcome of the night.

Roman Law will play against Manny's tomorrow night. I love you all! See you tomorrow!

Live, Breathe, Love.....................................HOCKEY!!!!!