Hope Springs Eternal in Playoffs

September 6, 2019

As the playoffs begin, Hope Springs Eternal. Hope, it drives us, hope to win. Hope to move on, hope the hockey gods grant you puck luck. Hope you don't fall or fail. Hope, this little states motto, Springs eternal.

Roman Law and Vescera Law would start the second season, called the playoffs. Andy Morrison would start the game off in front of his wife and her kid hands deep in birthday cake. Midway through Shawn Smith would pop one in of his own. Bobby Gravel would end the period with one as well and with a 3-0 start, Roman was running away with it. Paul Bergeron would start the second making it 4-0 Roman. And then, Vescera would get started. Paul Prederio would get one for the White Law with Billy V himself, helping his teams cause. Later in the second Robbie Edleman would get the next one and cut the lead in half. We have a game. Vescera would pop another in to get it to one goal difference half the period and the game to go. Andy Morrison would make all academic, while getting the next 2 goals and doubling up the lead again, also completing his hat trick. Paul Prederio would try to get it closer again, which he did with the 4th goal for Vescera. It would not be enough as Neil "the Dagger" Foley scorched the final goal in for Roman to win 7-4.

In game two, Final Touch hoped to be the spoiler agains the evil empire, a New Hope if you will (anybody? get it? huh?). They would even start the scoring with a goal by Greg Landry.  This lead would last a little more than a minute as Tommy Gaboriault would get the next two for MPP's playoff start. One on his own and the other with Dan Dussault getting the helper. Eric Rondeau would get another and then 2 by Brian Duboc. And just like that it was 5-1. Final Touch would get going finally. Dominic Assini would get the second goal for FT from Glen Marshall. Marshall would help on the next one as well with Eric Campbell getting it closer. It would not be enough, as Jay Cinq-Mars would get the game winner for Manville Pizza. It was a beauty on the back door with a back hander beating the goalie. A couple more by Final touch one from Rick Mercuri, and another by Assini. And then, Brian Duboc would take over getting a hatty in the third, tallying 5 goals all together to be the hero for the Palace. 10-5

The next game was all goaltending and defense. A fantastic display by Mark Schaivone and Jay Pires was remarkable to be a part of in this chess match. All the goals would happen in the first and the rest of the game was all butt pucker. Peter Meegan would crack the egg with a goal a bit more than halfway through. Anthony Lisi would make it 2-0 for Manny's with a back door goal from Brian Pendergast and Jack Russ. Green Goddess would set forth with a little left in the period. The ping pong shot heard round the rink. This one stared from Iggy Gozman, through Jim Galvin and off the stick of Glen Mederios. On to the second, nothing but saves, stops and blocks on both ends of the ice. In the third, most of the same. Goddess was throwing the kitchen sink at Manny's, but it was not enough. You really should play with pucks, not kitchen sinks. No body should throw a kitchen sink. It would end as it started. Manny's would move on, but what a game. 2-1.

Manny's goes up against the seasons dominant opponent, Votta Properties. Manville Pizza will be pit against Roman Law. Each team hopes to play again on Sunday. Hope everyone shows up. Hope to play their best hockey. Hope, does indeed, springs eternal in the rink tonight.

Live, Breathe, Love..........................HOCKEY!!!!