And yes Aimee, I was there to get the scoresheets.

February 18, 2023

Good morning all you weary hockey players and fans of the article. Grab your coffee. Sit down, relax and lets all enjoy this ride together. As you may or may not know, I recently purchased and had installed a wood stove. It is awesome. Got up early to start a fire. Nice and toasty up in here up in here.

In any event, lets get to the action. Was there action last night, looks like those who are in the lead stayed in the lead. In the early going Edge Doctor and Manville PP got after it. From what I see, Edge got a late first period goal by Steve Owens. Late in the second, Manville matched that goal. Tie game going into the third. In the beginning Edge took the 2-1 lead with a goal by Ed Cardoso. Two minutes went by and Brian Cormier would get what turned out to be the game winner. Although, the next drop of the puck, Manville would make it interesting and 3-2. And then the wheels on the bus came right off. Three unanswered goals, one by Glen Marshall and 2 Boo by my Boo, Ralpheal Espilat. Go Ralphy Go Ralphy. That would be it for game one and Edge Doctor is in First place with not much to worry about. Final 6-2.

In the second game, it was Green Goddess playing against Votta Properties. Believe it or not, this game meant something. Well it meant something to me and the rest of Final Touch, still on the all star break. Lets just say, it was a tie. Votta had a commanding lead of 2 to zip going into the second. Goals by Nick Nardone And a player to be named later. In the second Nardone would start it off with a quick first shift goal. The Jubilation would be short lived as Green Goddess got the next one at the drop of the puck by somebody, doing something and it was great. Rich Dias set it up. Richie grabbed another one 2 shifts later and brought it to within one. Guess what happened next ? huh huh, Votta Got another goal to make it 4-2. Cat bird seat, right. Ehhhh. Rich Dias from Somerset Massachusetts got another goal to make 4-3. How exciting this game seems to be. Towards the end of the second, thats right, we are still talking about the second, Goddess would tie it up. What the heck, is that true Matt? Yep, that is what the scoresheet says child. And you know what happened next? Nothing, ended in a tie. Wah wah waaaaaaaaaah. 4-4.

Remember earlier in the article when I said something about Edge not worried and all comfortable in First. Yeah, scratch that. Quick Dam played last night too. They were pitted against the up and coming Vescera Law. Vescera got a really early goal by someone filling in, maybe Shane. Quick Dam was undaunted. Especially, undaunted was Larry Lefebvre, popping the first one in for the Dam. Next, Quick Dam would strike again, this time Neil Foley would put the pepper on the steak and pop it on the grill. On to the second where the action stayed about the same. Oh except, Vescera would tie it up early in the second, with a goal by Eric Rondeau. On to the third where the scores can really change. Vescera would get the early goal to take the lead. You should have seen the crowd in the warm room. They were going bananas. It was almost as if money was riding on the game. Hmmm? Who the fuck would bet on a beer league hockey game? In any case, Quick Dam was shaking in their skates. Naw, Kreg Labelle was like, no big deal. I'll tie this schtuff up. And he did. Frank Nardone set him up. Hey Frank, Good morning! And then it was Hero Time. What what!!! Larry Lefebvre would pop in the game winner with mustard and ketchup on it. Unreal, and Foley assisted. What a game, 4-3 Quick Dam. And they are biting at the heals of Edge Doctor.

So, if you look at the standings with 5 games left in the season, it is a trilogy of stories. You have the story of Quick Dam and Edge fighting it out for first place. Quick Dam is down by 2 points with a game in hand. And on March 3rd they need to play each other. That will be a pivotal game down the stretch. In 3 and 4th, the second story. Votta and Final Touch in a donnybrook for the third spot. Final Touch has a 1 point lead and a game in hand. Next week, those two play each other. You might want to get there early for a good seat. 9:30 game. LETS GO!! I am supposed to be impartial in this article, ethically speaking, but eh fuck that! Go FINAL TOUCH!!! And the other 3 teams have 14-13-12 points respectively. All of them have 4 games left, which means 8 points, if any of them win out they could get 3rd maybe 4th place. So, there is that, which is nice.

So, down the stretch, it is getting exciting. Every game seems like it has playoff atmosphere. No gigantic score differential this week.

Hope everyone has a great week. Next Friday And Saturday Wicked Rhode is playing. Friday at Stevie D's in East Providence, or Rivahside for you river rats. And on Saturday at Badgers Pub in the Bucket. Both shows start at 8.

Also, special thoughts and prayers for Final Touch's supreme leader Shannon. The concussion she sustained, is going to keep her out for the rest of the season. Love you kid, hope your brain heals up soon.

Ok, have a great week everyone. I said that already didn't I.

Live, Breathe, Love................................................HOCKEY!!!!