Waiting for me? Here it is!

February 27, 2023

This is going to be short. Sorry for all those who love the witty content. 

First, was great to see Craig Pizzo, Ralph and Rosie, Peter and Andy at the Wicked Rhode gig on Saturday. Thank you for the support! 

Quick Dam continues on a high with a close game versus Green goddess. Close is a lingerie shop without a front window! Quick Dam Winning with the Hatty by Anthony Lisi. 8-6.

The new look Final Touch squeaked by Votta Properties with a 4-3 victory. I am sorry I missed it. Looks like the ghost of Shannon scored a couple. 

The big winners, who are also the league leaders, Edge Doctor got a big 9 - 1 win over Vescera in the late going. 

Tight race between Edge Doctor and Quick Dam. Final Touch hanging around, but 7 points behind Quick Dam. Quick Dam would have to lose out, while Final Touch would have to win out. So you're saying there's a chance. Let's not forget Votta Properties. They can change dance partners with Final Touch with a great push at the end. Don't count out any of the dark horses. These things happen. 

Jimmy is collecting for summer hockey down payments. If you intend on playing in the summer. Please inform Jimmy and Mike. 

See you all next Friday.