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April 13, 2024

It is with great pleasure that we report on the first real Friday of hockey 3 weeks in to the season. With playoffs in other leagues winding down and the wayward bunch of us that went to Nashville, the season can really get going. 

In the first game, Green Goddess got over on Final Touch. The big news was PaPa Babikian getting a goal from a pass by Eric Yuzack. Eric actually has fans. Show off. Goddess spread the work around but mostly subs getting the goals. Brian Cormier also got a goal. On the Final Touch side, Steve Albertelli got both the goals. And both were laser pinpoint goals. Ridiculous! Touch needed a few more unfortunately. Goddess wins 5-2

Here is the game of the century. Vescera Law versus Quick Dam. What is going on here. coming out of the first, Quick Dam was up 4 to 3. Mike Thomas put the first one in for the Dam early. Thomas has been a fixture on this team in the past, now he is back with a vengeance. Kevin Webster would match for Vescera. Dam would go ahead with the first of 2 goals by Jimmy Meegan. Scott Costa got on the board to stretch the lead along with Larry Lefebvre making it 4-1. But wait, the resilient Law came screaming back making it 4-3 with goals by Adam Babikian and Raf Manzo. In the second the young Manzo would get on the board again to tie the game. Quick Dam would score to make it 5-4, again by Jim Meegan. Kevin Webster from VL would get it tied again. 2 more goals in the second for Quick Dam by Lefebvre and Steve Lombardi, would be what they thought they needed. Vescera did not give up. Late in the third they would pull the goalie and grab a goal by Raf Manzo would have 4 altogether. Manzo would also get the buzzer beater. 0.0 on the clock. The controversial goal was called a goal right away by the ref in good position. It makes it weird when a member of the team, that benefited, wanted the goal taken away. I guess when you want to do the right thing, you want to do the right thing in your mind. In the end the goal counted and the score ended 7-7. Great game. 

Last game of the evening. I know right. So, quick. You were just starting to enjoy this article and it is almost over. Relax pumpkin, we have many weeks of my fine articulation to come. 

Ok, Manville Pizza versus Votta Properties. I finally have Pizza's player numbers in the system, hope you guys are ok with your stats. Pizza came out swinging with 3 goals in the first. The impressive one was right off the face off to start the game. Ben Hevner got the first, with Ryan getting the other 2. Votta got their motor running in the second getting 2 unanswered of their own. Ricky himself, put the team on his back. Andy Morrison of course scored. Any who, MPP got 2 more. Another by Hevner and Greg the cop Landry, who would turn in the winning goal. Spoiler. Onto the third, Votta would hang in their with 2 goals. Manville got 2 goals as well and finished it with a 7-4 win. 

So, I hope everyone has a great weekend. I don't see any of our bands playing tonight. Next week Richie and Loose Screws are playing at the Oriental Pearl on the 20th. Wicked Rhode is playing on the 27th at Stevie D's. On behalf of WR, we would love if you filled the place. On behalf of Richie Dias, he would love you to fill the place and have some chinese food with him. Maybe you will see a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hands. I bet his hair will be perfect. 

I will leave you with that. 

Live, Breathe, Love....................................................HOCKEY!!!!