No Gnus is good Gnus

April 20, 2024

Well ladies and gentlemen, it was quite a night. A win by a whisker, a tie and another close one. 

In the first game, it was kitchen sink being thrown at both sides. Mike Baro and Tommy Martins, had barrages of shots on them. In the first, Final Touch got on the board with a goal by Shannon Caverly, from Kreg Labelle and Steve Owens. This trio would not settle for just one. Final Touch would have 2 more unanswered in the first by Aaron Crossett and Kreg Labelle. Late in the period, Quick Dam would get on the board with a goal from Shawn Smith. In the second, quick dam would flex collective muscles and tie it up. A goal by Mike Thomas and another from Shawn. On to the third, Where Shannon would get her second from Steve and Kreg. Once again, Quick Dam would tie it up with a goal from Steve Lombardi, with Larry Lefebvre on the assistance. But wait there's more, Kreg would get a shocker off Owens Face off, getting the go ahead goal once again. Quick Dam would do the unthinkable and get a two on one and get the tie again. Yet, that would not do it for all the scoring. One more by Final Touch. Owens won the face off to yours truly. Lucky to have a screen in front to get the game winner. Sorry a little proud of myself, I don't score a lot. Final Touch scrapes out their first win of the season. 6-5 

On to game 2, the juggernauts that are the Green Goddess, keep on rolling. In the first, a tight game was unfolding. 2-1 Goddess. Brian Cormier with a couple of goals. Votta would get on the board late in the first. In the second, Purple Properties would tie it up. The tie would not last, Adam Babikian would get the game winner midway through the second. 2 more goals by Goddess in the third would seal the deal. Chris Palmieri would get a goal and figure in on the final goal. Goddess wins 5-2

Late in the evening, Vescera Law and Manville Pizza went at it. In the end it was a tie. Yep, no one cared. Literally, each had a goal in the first. Manville's Greg Landry and Vescera's Jay Cawley. In the second both teams had a goal. Sound exciting yet, I know you are on the edge of your seat. Kevin Webster would put the puck in the net to get the lead. At the end of the period, Ben Hevner would tie it up. in the third, under a minute in, Vescera would take the lead again. Shane, Shane McCormick would be the hero. Then Hevner would score again to tie it. Then Ed Cardoso would score and then Hevner would tie it again. Yeah so that was it. 4-4. Exciting game. Eh. I think I made it sound like a yawner. Oh well. 

Ok, I would like to say hi to Mike Dussault, who is under the weather apparently. Hope you feel better brother. 

Oriental Pearl in Dartmouth is hosting Richie Dias and Loose Screws tonight. Please support Richie and have some Chinese, maybe some 69. ( you want beef and broccoli at this hour) IYKYK. 

Sorry for the late article. I had the 8:20. 

See you all next week. 

LIVE, BREATHE, LOVE................................HOCKEY!!!