This Week In Sports! Or This week in friends drinking after sweating.

April 27, 2024

Have I ever told you, how much you are appreciated? You Are! You are good enough, you are smart enough and gosh darn it, people like you!

Manville Pizza versus Green Goddess to start the evening. Unfortunately, Frank Nardone could not skate, as he is on the IR. However, did you know the Nardone family was represented by another Nardone? Yeah, crazy, it's like the Meegans, just younger. We should do a sitcom. So, Yeah Casey Nardone was in the house. Welcome. Did you know Manville Pizza got 4 goals by Ben Hevner. That is all they needed. The Captain Dan Dussault had 2 assists. Goddess finally got on the board against the Great Santini, with 2 goals in the third to make it interesting. Brian Cormier and Nick Nardone representing. See another Nardone. Nick actually got an assist as well. Chris Palmeiri rounded out the scoring with an assist. In the end, Manville held on to the 4-2 win. 

In game two Final Touch Versus Vescera Law. This went back and forth for the majority of the game. Shane McShane Shane McCormick broke the tie in the third and didn't look back. An empty net at the end sealed the fate. Vescera opened the scoring with a goal by Shane right off the face off. Later, Kevin Webster got on the board to make it 2-0. Sammy Woodward on the first assist and Jay Cawley on the second goal assist. Late in the period, Aaron Crossett, playing wing, yep, rare right, got a goal on a bad angle shot, assisted by Brian Pendergast. Midway through the second Pendi would turn around and slip a goal in the crack of the net. Like I said in the opening line, Shane would get a breakaway and breakaway the tie. See what I did there? It was a pun. I entered 10 puns into a joke competition, with that many I thought I had a chance to win, but no pun in ten did. Ok, enough nonsense, Webby would put an empty netter in to end it. 4-2 Vescera. 

Late in the evening, Votta Properties while getting the big win, will get no credit until they submit their numbers. I will say Richie Dias with the first goal for Votta. Votta had 2 in the first while Quick Dam had 1 by Larry Lefebvre. The game winner was by 0 unassisted for Votta. They had another one by 0 in the second assisted by 66. Thinking that was Bartels. In Third, 0 got another goal assisted by Richie and 14. late in the Game Ricky Votta punched the game in the throat with a beauty he ripped out of the air. It was as if the blade of his stick caught the puck bare handed, and tossed it into the empty side of the net and then gave it a kiss good bye. That would do it for the game. Votta wins 5-1. 

If anyone had intentions of going to Stevie D's tonight to see that really cool and awesome band Wicked Rhode, sorry but it is cancelled. You can still go and see the Rabble Rousers and Set 22. They are filling in for the WR. 

In any case, enjoy the nice weather. I will see you when I see you! Hi Frank! Bye Frank!