Blaim it on the Rain

December 13, 2019

Shall we just get into it? Yes, Yes we shall.

Roman Law is on the comeback trail. After a long ride without a win. Shane McCormick led red to the victory with a double hat trick, like a Sherlock Holmes with two brims. In the first, it started with Captain America, Shawn Smith,  (I feel like he is) feeding McCormick at the five minute mark. Later, Craig Pizzo would lead McCormick to his second. Late in the period, Nate Patterson, part of the spoon that fed McCormick, wait nope not Shane on this one. The other cop, Eric Rondeau scored the game winner. Patterson would feed McCormick to start the second. McCormick would have one unassisted for his fourth. Less than a minute later, McCormick would score his 5th from Smith and another late from Smith. Somebody stop this guy. Votta would finally turn the corner with 8 minutes left. Ricky Votta would pop the cherry from Jared Martin and Nate Arruda. Late in the game Nate Arruda would start up another goal assisting with Brandon Bell to get Kevin Webster the goal. Ollie and the Arruda parents were in the house to watch their boys play. Nate didn't disappoint. However his team did lose 7-2, lifting Roman Law to the start of winning streak?

In game two, Vescera Law had been on a winning way, getting prevailing in 4 out of the last 6. Manville Palace Pizza was undaunted by this information. The Pizza kneaded the dough early with a goal by Steve Owens coming down from the Blue Line. At the end of the period, Vescera would knot it up. Rob Edelman, the perennial Law man, would get the goal being fed by Dan Clare. In the second, MPP would stretch the lead getting the next 3, Bragan would get the party started, coming back from the IR. Kevin Bartels would be the chef, feeding this one and the last one to some subs. Vescera came back, with Dan Clare coming back and cutting the lead in half. Edelman and Bobby Jordan with the helpers. Bobby "Goggles" Jordan had an epic game btw keeping the competition off the board. In the third, Jay Arruda also wanted to make the warm room and his parents proud and scored a lone gun late, in a never give up effort. Mike Dussault would hold the fort between the pipes and lead the Black to the victory. 4-3

In the late game, it would be clash of the titan goalies. Jay Pires filling in for Mac on Final Touch and Marc Clarkin for his team Green Goddess. After a period of scoreless efforts on both sides and save after save by the tenders. In fact it would be deep in the second before one side of the scoreboard would show a goal. Aimee Accinno in her best ugly sweater contest entry. Actually it was a pretty cool jersey and very festive, She would break the bubble with help from Adam Babikian (Charlie Hustle) "no one wants a Charlie in the box". Late in the period, Goddess would stretch the lead. Steven, no mo' mustache, Albertelli would get a feed from Larry Lefebvre, to pull the Green ahead by two. What a game, back and forth they went, finally in the third, Final Touch would put one by Clarkin. It would be the baker, Steve Manning, (get your Wrights Farm desserts for the holidays), shooting from the point and Rick Mercuri would tippy canoe it in to cut the lead in half. Unfortunately for the touch, it would not be enough. Goddess would vaunt themselves into the top spot with the win 2-1. I have to say Final Touch might be at the lower end of the standings, but that is one hell of a team.

Speaking of the top of the standings, Manny's (my team) is now tied with Goddess and Pizza. What a league.

It was great to see Rob Schaivone and family in town. He said he won't ever move back. However, he did say that the quality of hockey in Oklahoma is not as good as Friday night. That is pretty fucking bad in my opinion. HAHAHAHAHA.

Well, it is that time of the year. Christmas stress for those who have young ones and tweens. For those of us who have older kids, it is much easier. They have a better understanding of the cost of things and how finances work. Either way, family is what it is all about. A couple more weeks and we will be singing noels and drinking egg nog. Yuck.

As always, have a great week. Enjoy the moments.

Live, Breathe, Love...………………………….HOCKEY!!!!