Buzzer Beater and drippy showers.

June 11, 2022

Hi Everyone. I hope you all had a good night of hockey. Today is Saturday. I woke up late and started doing this after a couple of cups of coffee. It was a fun night, so much so, some of us were talking til 3 am. So some nudity. Man boobs. My dad was right, nothing good happens after midnight. Yet, no good story starts with "I got up this morning and......".

Dan Dussault's team dominated the first game. Manville Pizza came out of the first up 2-1, and didn't look back. Now, I had spoken to a team mate and he encouraged me not to mention something. I really don't think that it was fair. One player was so prolific in the game, I have to mention him. Keith had 3 goals and an assist. I am not talking about him though. Scott Abrants was the real hero of the Pizza's big win tonight. Manville would go onto beat Vescera 6-1. Big game for that talented team.

This game, number 2 of the night, Edge Doctor and Final Touch would go at it. Another great couple of goalies made this game tight. Mike Baro on Edge Doctor and Shannon Murphy on Final Touch. Both were perfect through the first. In the second, Edge Doctor's would pop a couple of biscuits in the basket, Rick Mercuri would put the second one in lucky bastard. I mean great job Rick. Early in the third Eric Rondeau on his first game for Final Touch, would cut the lead in half. Let's set up the ending. Final Touch goes down a player, with Steve Owens getting undisclosed lower body injury. Shannon Murphy is pulled from the net. Craig Pizzo falls down and bangs his head on the ice. This is all happening within a minute of the end of the game. Final Touch finally gets their act together. Greg Landry ended up with the puck with seconds on the clock, everyone yelling shoot shoot shoot. 1.8 seconds on the clock. Shoot shoot shoot!!! Finally the puck is off his stick, upper deck, goal... Buzzer. Tie hockey game. 2-2. Unbelievable.

Ok, last game of the night. Let me tell you. This game was closer than the end result. My good friend and world renowned Drummer For WICKED RHODE, was in net for Green Goddess. I asked Andy Morrison to take it easy on him. Unfortunately, Dave thought I was telling him his weakness, Because Andy ended up with a Hatty. Now I see why he would think I told him the weakness'. I didn't but I can see why. In the first, Votta was up 4-0. Goddess settled In and grabbed 3 back in the second. The wheels fell off in the third as Votta scored 4 more to Goddess' 1. Votta would go onto win, 8-4.

Speaking of Wicked Rhode, next Saturday, we will be Rocking Stevie D's in Riverside. I would love it if we could pack the place with Hockey bums. The show will start at 8 or 8:30, something like that. Let's support local music. It will be a great time. Especially if you can make it. Thank you in advance.

Ok, have a great week everyone. Be good to each other!

Live, Breathe, Love............................Hockey!!!!