Lunar Moths and Missing players

June 4, 2022

Good Morning Campers. Its time to get up and greet the day. I don't know about you, but 2 of the most gigantic moths you will ever see, were at the rink last night and the week before. Incredible. Lunar last night.

For all of you up in Maine, we hope you are having fun. Lots of fun down here.

Let's begin with Votta Properties and Vescera Law. Vescera was missing all kinds of players. Apparently, all they needed was Mike Dussault. Vescera put up 6 against Votta's 4. Kevin Schlecher would be the hero for his team, along with Shane McCormick filling in for somebody. Vescera would bang out 2 goals each period. Votta won the second set with 3 and still had a chance as it came down the stretch at the end. Just ran out of time. 6-4 Vescera.

In game 2 yours truly got to get a game in whilst our team was on the bye, along with Webby and Pizzo. Did we make an impact, Yes, yes we did. Webby scored twice, Pizzo and I got an assist. In reality, it was Mike Thomas and Brian Cormier working for their team to get the dubbya. Quick Dam put up 4 altogether, while Mark Schaivone would blank the Edge Doctor. 4-0

In the late one, it was the return of Frankie Z in net. Mike Junior making his second start of the night. Ok, it was a good game, very competitive. Unfortunately for Green Goddess, it was not their night. Ok, I really don't know who scored for Manville Pizza, except I know Jay Cinq-Mars did put one in. In all they put 5. Green Goddess, mustered up 2. Kreg LaBelle would do the damage for his team.

So, who was missing? We didn't play KanJam, so you know Peter, Ralph, Richie and Andy were away. Nick Nardone was wondering where his family was? Francis? Aimee? Yep, all at a tournament. Of course Shannon took her bye on the right week. Owens is up there as well. And maybe the other Shannon. I forgot Lieutenant Dan was up there too. Apparently I missed adding Shawn Smith as well. We all hope you have fun and lose every game for not taking us with you. Bastards.

Have a great week everyone. We will see you Friday.

Live, Breathe, Love...............................................HOCKEY!!!