Gigantic Moths and other such nonsense

May 28, 2022

Welcome to week number 2 of the summer hockey experience. We have some doozies for you to report on. Game one and Game three were quite lopsided and the cream filled middle was a battle. 

In game one, Manville Pizza and Votta Properties went at it. It wouldn't take long for the purple to get on the board. It was early and often. Andy Morrison and Steve Lombardi with 2 each before the third. Number 4 Haha Derek Antunes would get 2 and Brian Pendergast would get one as well. A couple of assists by Ricky Votta himself. It was stat night for the Properties. Manville Pizza would not go quietly into that good night. Dan Dussault would stop the bleeding at the end of the second. Manville would make it interesting getting 3 more in the third from Keith Kraunelis and Mark Dionne. It would not be enough. As Votta would hold on to win 7-4.

Game 2 saw Final Touch and Quick Dam go at it. This isn't your winter Quick Dam. Making this one their second win of the season. It would take most of the first period to crack the score board. Quick Dam would get one from Greg Landry on the loose change after a smoke show of a shot by Shawn Smith. The second period was fast paced and the goalies kept their end of the bargain. In the third, seconds after the puck drop, Quick Dam would get on the board. Brian Cormier would put it in the back of the net. Less than a minute later and Shawn Smith would do the same. Derek Sig would get one for Final Touch but it would not be enough. Landry would close it out late with the final goal 4-1 Quick Dam for the win. 

Oh my god what happened in this last one. People leaving saying they are going to get into a warm toaster bath to forget about it? You know who you are. Much like game one, it was a massacre. In the first it was a very respectable period. Edge would start the scoring. Adam Babikian would put one on the board. Goddess would answer quickly with Kreg Labelle bending the twine. That would be as close as the score would be for the rest of the game. Edge would get another before the end of the period by Rick Mercuri, the scoring machine. He would have 2 before the smoke cleared. Babikian would get another. Going down the list Jimmy Meegan would get one. As well as Ed Cardoso. By the time the end of the 3rd came, Edge would have the 8-2 win. 

Some big numbers on a sub filled weekend. 

For those of you who have served and for those who we have lost during their service to the country, God Bless you and thank you. Please remember why we celebrate Memorial day. It is not just marking the beginning of the summer, it is to keep the memory of those who fought for our freedom. 

Hope everyone has a safe and happy memorial day. 

Sorry Derek Antunes, you should play more summer hockey. 

Live, Breathe, LOVE....................................................................HOCKEY!!!!!