Happy First Saturday of the rest of your life.

June 8, 2024

Hello and welcome to the Friday Night's article about Friday Nights. 

In the first game, we had Votta Properties playing Vescera Law. Now Votta had some special guest appearances. In one case Chris Bach. Because we love Chris so much, it was a big deal. He even had a posse in the stands. You know when you have fans you are a big deal. And he did not disappoint. He scored a goal and helped his team win big. As a matter of fact, he started the scoring for Votta. But lets see, Vescera did start the scoring with a couple of goals in the first Jay Cawley getting on the board and a sub getting the second one. and then it was really off the hook. Steve Albertelli got 4 goals subbing for Votta. Eric Campbell with a hatty. Eric, you're the best. Eric had a fan, one Al Boisvert. Lest we forget that big sexy got 2 goals and 2 assists. Yes Ricky Votta himself. On the Vescera Law side, Shane McCormick got a couple to make it a good effort. That said big win by Votta Properties, 10-5.

Here is a game, the next game on the schedule, the one game without subs. Like D'angelos and Subway closed. In any case, It was that awesome team, Final Touch, playing the evil ones of Manville Palace Pizza. BTW where is Ben Dussault? I miss the cool drawings and comments on the scoresheets. So here is what happened, a stalemate in the first. Second, the cop, Greg Landry overpowered me and started the scoring for Pizza. The other cop on the assist. Steve Donovan. Whatever. Then, Ryan Degnan scored, with Ben Hevner on the assist and Jay Cinq-Mars. Then, Frank Nardone the 4th would get the game winning goal. Took it north to south and was unstoppable. Literally, that train coming was not going to stop. Hevner would get one more to finish the period. Whoa 4-0. Steve Owens for Final Touch, would get the team on the board. Brian Pendergast would cut the lead in half. Ryan and Ben for Pizza would match those goals late. In the end it would 6-2.Pizza

Wait there is more. Quick Dam and Green Goddess. Can you believe Quick Dam. They actually won. Most people don't remember the late game, because, well it is the late game. Quick Dam had 3 unanswered to start the game. Captain Shawn Smith and Larry Lefebvre would get one each. Brian Cormier got Goddess on the board in the second. Kreg Labelle subbing in erased that one by answering. Green Goddess won the third period with 2 goals to 1. Doc Manzo and Chris Palmeiri getting on the scoresheet. Not enough, Mike Thomas would finish the scoring for the Dam. In the end, 5-3 Quick Dam. 

Hope everyone had a great time. Tonight, you should all go to Hillside Johnnies in Norton. The Great Wicked Rhode will be performing hits from the 80's 90's and beyond. Hope all can make it. 

Have a great week. 

Thank you

LIVE, BREATHE, LOVE............................................................HOCKEY!