In Cinq with Mars.

July 31, 2021

In the beginning it was the Edge Doctor versus Vescera Law. The press was having a field day with a whiff of conflict of interest. Yes the sponsor was also the ref. Did anyone notice? Lets go to the tape. 2 penalties for Vescera and only one for Edge? Hmm. I don't take the shits i just stir the pot. In any event it was all Doctor all the time. The captain, donning a new number, Adam Babikian would get on the board first. And here is where it gets interesting, Jay Cinq-Mars gets the second goal of the game. It would take til late in the game before the game winner would have been taken away from him. Kreg Labelle, would get that honor, number 8 is truly great, as they say. He would also get the 4 goal.  The Law would make a late comeback after being down by 4. 2 consecutive goals midway in the third. Speaking of number 8 and being great, Iggy Gozman would get the deuce on the board. It would not be enough. Jay Cinq-Mars would close the door on any more hope. Doctor would pull it off 6-2.

The second game belonged to a journeyman team of vvagabonds subbing for Jimmy Meegan would get the win. Lets just say, the folks that were on the ice that were really on the Goddess, did a great job. Peter Meegan had 2 goals Jimmy had an assist. Anthony Lisi and Jimmy Meegan contributed. Larry Lefebvre would get a couple of points. Of course we cannot forget the outstanding goal tending of Mark Clarkin. Votta Properties team was relentless. Shane McCormick would not be denied in the second after being thwarted on a number of chances. He would get the property on the board. In the third, in a swarm the beast, Ricky Votta would help his team cut the lead. It would not be enough as Goddess would take the win 5-2.

In the late game, Manville Pizza would be down the whole game.  As Final touch would be ahead most of the game. Gary Ouillette, Mark Ferreira and Marc Shooter Dionne would score for Final Touch. Manville would get on the bard late in the second with Keith putting it in to get the pizza to rise. Glen Marshall would get the next one. 2 late game goals, one from Andy Morrison who broke away for tie.  And to add insult to injury, Nate Patterson would get the game winner. A couple of luck swings the one way or another was the difference in this one. Shannon Murphy filling in may have been that  little difference or was it the missing player? We will never know for sure. I bet Glen Marshallll is tired this morning. We have a go fund me for Gary Ouilette or as he is now known, Captain Loin Cloth. Apparently we need to get Gary a towel.  The skate towel didn't cover much. Maybe just enough. In the end, MPP wins 4-3.

Next week, Craig Pizzo is having a can jam tournament. Saturday at his place off of Nate Whipple highway. If you can make it let him know. Come around 6 to help set up. or later, if you are a lazy mutherfucker. that is all.

Welcome back to the Kan Jam court Michael Dussault Junior. Nice work with shit shoulder. Nice kill by Shannon not that Shannon the other Shannon. so confusing.

Have a great week fellow hockey players.

Live, Breathe, Love............................HOCKEY!!!